May 5, 2015

Melissa's Hair: Styling Box Braids

Last month, I had the pleasure of covering Nashville Fashion Week for my fashion blog, Fab Glance. The eventis a celebration of fashion and art in our city. I bet you didn't know that we've had fashion week for five years! And yes, I've covered each year. But this is about hair. Below, I'm sharing how I styled my hair for each day of the event. Styling box braids can sometimes be limiting, but I worked hard to give various styles everyday. So let's have a look:

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The high bun
My favorite style to wear is the high bun. Seriously, I think I'm the only person who waits for my braids to loosen, just so I can throw them up on top of my head. How do you love long braids, but always wanna wear them up? LOL! The high bun with box braids is my go to look when I have to step out and be fancy.

Low ponytail
For a more casual event during Nashville Fashion week, I wore my hair in a low loose ponytail. The key word is, 'loose'. When you wear your hair in a low loose ponytail, it allows the braids to fall organically and frame your face. This is the way I commonly wear my hair when I go to work. It's super easy and it's easy on my edges.
Low Tight  Bun
Opposite of the Low Loose Ponytail is the Low Tight Bun. The low tight bun gives me a more sophisticated and sleek look. I can also play around with my edges (baby hair). Oh, I found a new edg control product, y'all are gonna love it! Anyway, the tight bun was a hit at fashion week, but can be killer on your edges. This is not a look to wear all the time.

All Out
The easiest look to wear is all out. The only reason I don't wear my braids like this is because my braids don't stay in one place. I get easily annoyed when my braids are flinging all over. But this look caused for a non-busy hair style.

Side Ponytail
Lastly, I rocked this side-ponytail look for the closing night ceremony. Another easy look to achieve, making a part where you want the hair to fall and pulling the braids, securing them with a band. Super easy!

Although box braids are a super intricate style to install, they can sometimes be boring to wear over time. Try one of these simple looks to add a bit of variety to your installation. Hope this helps!
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