May 5, 2015

Product Review: Taliah Waajid Hairline Help 2in1

I haven't been excited about a new product in a LONG time, especially one that promises EDGE CONTROL! LISTEN! I promise you need to try this one! Taliah Waajid Hairline Help 2n1 is an edge control product you need in your closet. Click below, and I'll tell you why:

So, I have a love/hate relationship with edge control gels. Personally, I have STRUGGLE EDGES - my edges are sensitve, break easily, and never seem to lay down. Socially, I am always weary of natural hair wearers ALWAYS wanting to have slick/smooth edges, when your hair is traditionally curly/kinky.  So, sometimes I'm like "man, my edges are my edges, they ain't got to be smooth!" but then I'm like "why are my edges all over America, looking furry?"

Well, the day I discovered Taliah Waajid Hairline Help 2n1 when I was getting prepared for Nashville Fashion Week. I knew I wanted to have more of a polished look to match my outfits. I was gonna go to Walgreen's to purchase my stand by, Olive Oil Edge Control. But, lately Olive Oil Edge Control hasn't been working for me. My edges are growing and getting stronger, so maybe that's the issue. I saw the Taliah Waajid product and decided to press my luck.

Listen, LINDA, you see these tamed edges?!!
Now, the Taliah Waajid product was a bit PRICEY ($10 retail). I think I paid $7.95 at Walgreen's and I still felt some kinda way. This product not only PROMISES edge control (slicking down those frizzes and fly-aways) but it promises hairline repair! WHAT!!! Yes, girl!  When you read the package there's a bunch of directions on how to use the product to aid in regrowing your edges. Basically, you are massaging your temples and hairline to stimulate hairgrowth. The product has a lot more natural ingredients that are supposed to help your hair grow: Grapeseed Oil, Ginkgo Baloba, and Nettle Extract.


What I like about this product is that it leave NO FILM, no flakes, and not much residue. The smell is great too; not too much, but just enough. It washes out easily, but you can go two days and not have to reapply. The product is lite, but it works really well, especially on curly/wavy hair. My 4c hair laid down nicely but it looks more natural. Not so silky and slick. It allows my edges to resemble the rest of my hair - - - if that makes sense.


So, I'm going on record to say, you need to give this Taliah Waajid Hairline Help 2in1 a try! A little dab will do you! So the product will last you a good long time. Wanna read about other edge control products I've tried, CLICK HERE for my review of Olive Oil Edge Control and Creme of Nature Perfect Edges.
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