Dec 19, 2014

Roots & Rhythm: Stevie Wonder - "Loves In Need Of Love Today"

There are times when I know exactly what I want to say here and then there are some times when the song that I choose is so strong, words just get in the way.  This is one of those songs.  To me, Stevie speaks beautifully to what this time of year exemplifies.  It is something we should strive for each day.

As we move into the fullness of the season, I extend heartfelt love and gratitude for the continued support that you show for Natural In Nashville.

Enjoy your time with family and friends.  If you have a break from work or your professional life, completely indulge in the freedom.  Don't forget to do something just for you.  Self-care is the beginning of all happiness.

Sometimes self-care can create huge sweeping changes or it can be as subtle trying a new way of wearing your hair, a new accessory or adding a new color to your wardrobe.  In some way, take a moment to offer yourself love and gratitude.  If you need some holiday hair inspiration, check us out on Pinterest and Tumblr.  Our hair lust is real there.

One of the most magical natural hair combinations I've seen is the work Felicia Leatherwood does for Teyonah Parris.  Amazing.  Felicia has a gift for pulling out the full beauty and diversity of natural hair.

If you have been inspired by her styles, please share using #NaturalInNash.  We would love to see how fabulous you look!  If you're still searching for styling inspiration, Melissa has plenty for you at FabGlance.  Go get some!

Sending you all love and peace to make beautiful memories in the days to come!


Dec 18, 2014

Finding Natural Haircare lines in NASHVILLE - Kim's

I was at the local hair-store in Nashville, KIM'S HAIR PLUS. Like most Asian-owned hair supply stores, Kim's has the monopoly on the game. There's a Kim's Hair Plus in the most popular areas of town, north Nashville on Jefferson St, Antioch on Bell Rd, and South Nashville on Nolensville Rd. Kim's works hard at making sure you get all your hair supplies from one location. 

Never the spot that boasts support for the natural hair community; the folks at Kim's know times are a-changing! Most hair -stores are all about that RELAXER life. But even the best hair supply store should have seem the trend of #TeamNatural taking over. Even if you aren't about the non-relaxer life, more people are looking for natural products in their products. 

On my last visit Kim's showcased more than enough of our favorite hair brands and a couple unknowns. Take a look below - Kim's has stepped their game all the way up! Take a look at what I found at the Bell Road location:

What made me start taking pics (like a natural hair spy on enemy lines) was seeing all these Shea Moisture products. Of course, at the hair store you won't get those BOGO deals like you get at CVS and Walgreens, but if you run out of your fave product between sales you can hit up Kim's. 

Dec 16, 2014

Hair Lust: Simply Chic

As the holiday season approaches, our thoughts quickly turn to the new year. New Year, new change. Some of you, like our writer Ashiya may be thinking of doing a big chop. There's nothing wrong with that! The simplicity of taking your hair back to a small afro is quite exhilarating. You can giveaway all those products and concentrate on what really works. 

Hmm, may a re-chop is the best thing to clear your mind for a new and exciting year! Will you be re-chopping in 2015?

Dec 9, 2014

HAIR LUST: Untitled Gorgeousness

Photo courtesy of Robert Cooper Photography
I saw this photo on Pintrest and JUST KNEW I had to share it on the website. How gorgeous!?! Geesh! And then her hair? AMAZING!!! This month I've been posting photos of gorgeoud styles to try during the holiday season. I'm always a fan of a braid installation for the holiday season. Braid just make life much easier!

Do you love her hair? Will you try a braided style to wear for during the holiday season?

Dec 8, 2014

Ashiya's Hair Diary: Know Thy Hair

"Know Thyself" is a Kemetic Proverb that has been a wonderful guide and inspiration to me over the last few years.  I apply it so often that I didn't notice it was probably the last bit of inspiration in my decision to cut and restart my locs.

4B: Photo of South African Singer Lira.

I had just a few days between The Big Chop Part I and starting this set of locs, so there was no time to become familiar with the texture of my hair.  While texture played a huge part in how my locs formed, I didn't take the time to learn what was best for my hair.  That learning period is probably the most discouraging aspect of allowing hair to exist in its natural state and why I chose to loc my hair so fast. Now I understand how that personal knowledge of my hair texture set the foundation for how I cared my for locs over the last 12 years.

4B: Short + Cute

I know the labeling systems are not perfect, but for the sake of conversation, we will call my hair 4B. (Melissa and I did a quick consultation in the parking lot, so you know its official.) I've done most of my research to this point from that aspect and have seen beautiful images and reflections of what I see in the afro "underneath" my locs.

I knew I was ready for the cut when my thoughts went from "how long will it be" to "what shape do I want".  Of course those two go hand in hand, but once the locs are gone, we'll decide then what the final cut will be.  I plan to stay open to the process, but I am leaning towards one style in particular.

4B: Solange

I have a few more weeks with this set of locs.  Another reason I'm confident in the change is Amber. I was excited for her move to Macon because I can see her each time I visit my home and family in Georgia.  I cannot wait to get in her chair.  Amber is amazing when it comes to cutting hair.  I can't wait to share what we come up with.

I'm sure I'll walk out pleased.

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