Friday, August 29, 2014

ROOTS & RHYTHM: The Jacksons - "Can You Feel It?"

"A great soul serves everyone all the time.  A great soul never dies.  It brings us together again and again." - Maya Angelou

His voice is ringing from radio signals everywhere today!  Can you feel it?

Happy Birthday, Michael!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

SELF-CARE: Food For The Soul

Small changes often have the biggest impact.

As we all know, the journey to healthy hair goes straight through the kitchen.  Because we can obtain much of what we need for healthy hair and skin through our food and water intake, radiant natural hair really is the result our lifestyle.  As we move into Fall, I'll share more of what I've gained from that aspect of my hair evolution.

The first way I created balance in my eating habits was to participate in Meatless Monday.  One day a week without meat forced me to be more creative with what I usually considered "sides".  Many of the recipes also included oils that were beneficial to hair and skin which made me realize it was easier to get them into my diet than I thought.  Once I found a few favorites, it was easy to experiment and alternate meals throughout the rest of the week.

The avocado is a great healthy fat and more diverse than most realize.  Salads, smoothies, chocolate mousse... Yes.

Salads are great ways to take a quick dose of nature because everything, including any oils, are in the most vital state.  Oil-based dressings like olive oil or sunflower seed oil give us the most stable nutrients because they are not altered by heat.  Building meals based on what it gives the body is another way I like to experiment with new, healthier food options.

Early in my food quest, I met "The Opares" as my friends and I call them.  Dr. Nana Opare and his wife, Ama, own Opare Institute in Atlanta.  Ama is a wonderful gourmet raw vegan chef and now shares with vegans, vegetarians and those who want to be anywhere in between.  She's also very open to those who are curious about vegan and vegetarian food choices.

Ama and Dr. Nana Opare, Opare Institute, Atlanta
If you've been looking for a place to get some ideas on healthy meal alternatives, you'll enjoy Ama at Food For The Soul.  You can also find them on Facebook here.  Tell her I sent you!

And how much do we love her locs?!

HAIR LUST: Melissa shares her turban and her fashion!

Our editor, Melissa, is sharing her FAB Sneaker Style on our sister site, Fab Glance. Go to her page to see how she rocks this fabulous turban with . . .  SNEAKERS! Oh yeah, she tells you how to do this headwrap too. How do you rock your headwraps? Check her out!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Yay! This site is growing and we need more help. Nope, the other writers aren't going anywhere, however we are looking for new voices to share their experiences and share the load. The readers want more articles about natural hair experiences, product reviews, and (of course) more events. 

You MUST have writing experience, have a strong social media following (or like sharing on social media), be a Nashville (surrounding area) resident, and like public speaking. College students and  MALES are strongly encouraged to apply.

We are looking for NEWLY NATURAL team member (less than 3 years) because we want people who are willing to share their journey. Most older naturals, have the routine down, which hurts the writing process.

New writers are required to write at least ONE post a week, share that post on their social media platforms, and be willing to aid in the development of the Natural in Nashville community (events, meet-ups, etc).   

This is an ONE YEAR UNPAID position with options to receive free product/promotions and attend events.

If this sounds like you, please submit the following info to
  • TWO writing samples (or a website where you work can be found)
  • Your bio
  • Fave picture featuring your hair

Product Review: Aveda 2014 Fall Collection Romantic Grandeur

Aveda is preparing to launch their Autumn Collection: Romantic Grandeur.  Each collection that Aveda launches speaks to hair, fashion, and makeup trends for the season at hand. I am typically a MAC girl at heart because I never have to worry about colors that compliment my skin tone.   I love the fall collection because it is one of the first for in my mind that meets the needs of any woman.  It is defined by rich softness. It is bold and yet demure. 
Starting at Top from Left to Right. Lipsticks: Sheer Fig & Goji Berry. Lip Liner: Fire Maple. Nourish-Mint Lip Glaze: Rose Blush & Mangosteen. Eye Definer: Fresh Plum & Delphinium. Eye Shadows: Winter Lilac, Aubergine, Ivory Lotus, Golden Cyprus, Allspice, & Gypsum Grey

 Lipstick in Goji Berry with Fire Maple Lip Definer

Lip Glaze in Mangosteen  

There are also some beautiful hair techniques that I can't wait to try on my natural clientele.  

The Sophie is wearing a Modern Roll a Janelle Monae esq Updo with a rich Garnett Color as the base. 

Tippi Shorter also has some amazing techniques using braid base and colored weaving thread to redefine shape and movement for textured hair. 
 my personalized version of the Sophie Haircolor.

How do you feel about some of these looks and do you think you will be rocking some of these trends for the fall.  How would you recreate these looks to make them your own? 
prebook with me to create our own fall version or Romantic Grandeur at True Blue Salon Nashville 

all of these images are owned by Aveda Corp.
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