Oct 24, 2014

Roots & Rhythm: Beyonce - "Get Me Bodied (Extended Version)"

Every time I see a picture of Beyonce's new hair cut, I instantly hear "Get Me Bodied" in my head.
"I ain't worried, doing me tonight."
The style created a love it or hate it reaction even though she's worn bangs of various lengths in the past.  A few stylists even warned against women trying it because it could go very wrong for them.  Despite our opinion of Beyonce's latest style, we really see that level of authenticity often.

Protective styles have always given us the opportunity to explore and have fun while giving our natural hair a much needed rest.  Amber got creative with a custom color for a client recently that met filled her request.
Custom color and style by Amber.
Amber and Melissa have connected before and used color, texture and braids for styles that had details authentic to Melissa, making the style unique to her.  For Fall, she's wearing her hair straight causing you to forget her last style included shaved sides.

Melissa's Fall Style.  More here.

Candace went with Marley twists to protect her hair a while ago and had some fun of her own.  Adding a bit of color switched up her twists and she even channeled a bit of Janet while experimenting.

Candace in Marley Twists

 Go ahead.  Play!  Experiment! Enjoy your protective styles.  If it goes wrong, it really is just hair.  Take it out!

Candice's Hair Diary: Fall 2014 Update

I'm usually not excited about my hair routine. But I was
loving this stretched twist-out.

Sometimes hair maintenance gets boring. Wash, condition, twist, repeat. So... I've decided to try new things. I'm going to be searching for new products to try for the fall/winter season. I have already noticed increased dryness in my hair. Summertime was so easy-going this year. But the fall season is already like "Turn down for what!" So I have to devise a game plan:

Step 1:  Deep Conditioning. I've got to deep condition more often. I'm thinking once a week. I definitely need to condition at least 3 times a month. I don't have a problem with growth or length retention, but I know that I should beef up my deep condition schedule before the split ends take over my hair.

Step 2: Cleanse. I'm going to make it a point to do a thorough cleansing of my hair at least once a month. I admit: I became comfortable with co-washing because it makes my hair look awesome and it saves a step. But I need to get back in line with at least a monthly shampoo and / or ACV rinse.

Step 3. Trim. It's totally time for a trim. I'm going to take a trip to a salon because I can never get it right on my own. I've noticed that as soon as my hair gets dry, the single-strand knots start to multiply with the quickness. They are so annoying!

Step 4: I really didn't have a step four. I did this to have an even number of steps. I rhink I'll make this one random. I should do more protective styling. Speaking of which: I bought a wig! But I'll talk about that in a separate post. I've noticed my edges growing back. I'm SO HAPPY. They aren't where they should be, but thank God they aren't where they were a few months ago. Also, I'm really focused on health and wellness. I've been working on fitness. Expect more fitness related talk in future hair diaries.

The last time I found a product I loved, it was on accident. Where do you look to find new hair products? What changes are you making to your winter hair routine?


Oct 22, 2014

EVENT REVIEW: Coco Curls and Convo Lunch Meet-up

Last Sunday the lovely owners of All Things Curly (Tawanna Parnell) and Coco Curls (Jeannelle Darden) hosted the Coco Curls + Conversation lunchtime meet-up at Raz'z Bar & Grill in Antioch. The event matched natural hair wearers with stylists and brand developers. We exchanged information, tips, and laughs over a delicious lunch. Check the pictures below:

Oct 21, 2014

HAIR LUST: Protective Pin-Up

As the weather gets cooler it's time to start thinking about protecting those strands. Cooler weather means dryer weather which can make you hair lose moisture. A pretty pin-up like the one pictured above can be just the ticket to help protect your hair during the transitioning weather. Plus, her make-up is just FIERCE!

Oct 20, 2014

From the Stylist's Chair: "Us & We"

Scrolling down my Facebook timeline I came across and was compelled to click on a YouTube video titled "Can We Auto-Correct Humanity" http://youtu.be/dRl8EIhrQjQ

After watching the video I felt some kind of way but it was not the response the video had intended. I am often frustrated with Millenials because it seems everything in our culture has become black and white and well the grey area we don't deal with for fear of discomfort. Social media has had negative impacts on everyone's life and that comes with the territory of advancing technologies. But what about the positives? Our culture is consumed with the negative impact of our 21st century lives, but what about the good stuff?  

So what does this have to do with hair? 

I dig the message in the video but for me it's a fine line to walk. Social media has connected me and placed women and men in my chair who were once only faces on a timeline feed. Social media hasn't kept me closed off from the world but instead it has opened up and exposed me to more of the world. 

I have a message to share, a vision to complete, and a love to convey. Social media has given me access to those beyond my inner circles. It has allowed me to reach out to those that I may never meet in the street. It has enhanced my humanity as I have learned so much from people who would have otherwise just been strangers to me. It has connected me to other artisans and entrepreneurs who think outside the box. 

The natural hair world has exploded thanks in part to the internet. Social media has revealed the beauty and diversity that exists within our community. It has also exposed the ugly truths and struggles that the communities of color and women of color are dealing with as a result. 

The beauty industry encourages separation of church and state. Don't get too close and don't get too personal. But for women and men of color their connection to their hair has deeper roots than just the aesthetic quality. For some clients that requires me to connect on a deeper level than simply just manipulating hair strands. 

It's just hair,  but for me it's not. It's the soul behind that hair. The connect or disconnect that we make in the few hours I have them in my chair and when that times ends' it is what I have learned and how I can take those tools and better myself, my art, as well as others who may sit in my chair. But more than that it is the hope that I have changed their lives in some small way as well. 

I connect and reconnect. Listen and empower. Problem solve and create. Recreate. Communicate. Hear. Learn. Hear. I laugh. I get nervous.  I focus. And in the end both they and I leave more enriched than when we began. Just remember the images you see the next time you scroll thru your timeline are but a small portion of that "us and we."

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