May 1, 2015

ROOTS & RHYTHM: Bill Withers - "Lovely Day"

This week has been heavy.

Nothing makes us feel lighter the way music can.  Except beautiful children.  And that is what this Friday's Roots & Rhythm is all about.

We were introduced to the work of Creative Soul Photography when these beauties start circulating around the internet.  They work is brilliant because it captures the natural joy of children in an obviously staged setting.  Despite this being a professional photo shoot, you really do get the feeling of children at play. And how could you not love about these Afros?!

Images like these instant drum up the feelings that build our collective village.  Little girls, happy and shining in their natural beauty reminds us of our own innocence and freedom.  Without knowing them personally, we would extend to them the same love and protection that we would to own family.  

Those feelings are also what made this week so heavy.  Whether we express it or not, we all feel it.  It is impossible not to.  So to you all, we send prayers of love, protection, truth and peace.

Enjoy this Bill Withers classic and browse more images from Creative Soul Photography.  Both are sure to help you have a lovely day.

If you're in Atlanta, show Creative Soul Photography some love!
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