Jul 31, 2012

Natural Stylist Review: Tasha Shelton

Spoiler alert: I LOVE TASHA SHELTON!!!

Now that there are no more surprises, here is a review my most recent salon experience where I got my first ever extensions installed.
Salon JacquelineMichaels courtesy of Google Streetview
3922 Gallatin Pike, Nashville TN 37216
Salon JacquelineMichaels can be a bit hard to find on your first visit. I passed it at least 3 times. To be fair, I am HORRIBLE at directions and get lost everywhere. But during casual conversation I discovered that it's not just me. There isn't much parking, but since it's a smaller salon, I don't imagine the need for more than the 7 available spaces.

The stylist: The timing was great. My appointment was at 1:00. I showed up at 1:00. She was finishing another client. And by finishing I mean less than 10 minutes before she was done. I have waited MUCH longer.  Tasha was great. She was friendly, and professional and full of laughs! She understood that this was my first time with extensions and explained the process. She worked efficiently and didn't take breaks and extra time between twists. There was no excess time on personal phone calls, she didn't take a lunch OR a dinner break during my 8 hour installation. I needed more breaks than she did! She was SO attentive to my needs as a client. She even offered to turn the music down so that I can get some studying done. I mean... I was too busy engaging in friendly chatter, but it was still great that she offered. She's also very knowledgeable about natural hair care and you are likely to leave knowing more about your hair than you did when you walked in.

The atmosphere: The salon is small, but quaint and well kept, which makes all the difference. The owner of the salon works in the same space as well. There are two chairs and one shampoo station, but the room can easily allow five people to share the same space without becoming claustrophobic, and the natural light from the window added some space. The salon was simply decorated, which is just fine. I've been in smaller salons that are crowded with way too much decor. There was music and conversation with great women in a small space.

Of all the licensed and unlicensed people who were recommended to do my twists, Tasha was easily the most reasonably priced AND she's licensed. Most of her prices INCLUDE the hair. Can you say awesome? For more information, pictures and prices can be found here.

*Note: Tasha didn't make the connection that I was a writer for NIN until halfway through the service. So... I doubt that her awesomeness is anything but genuine, and not because she thought there was a good chance that I would write about my experience.
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