May 29, 2012

Melissa's Hair: The Haircut

If you follow me on Instagram (fabglance1) you'd know that I had to cut about an inch of my hair.
Let me tell you, I really thought I'd be able to handle a bit of a trim, but after two days, I was really feening for that one inch. So, why did I need to cut an inch?

Well, my hair is quite prone to single strand knots. I tried to do some search and destroy missions on but that left me with uneven lengths. Speaking of uneven lengths, the right side of my hair was way longer than the left side of my hair. I think this was caused by me wearing my favorite style, the side ponytail. I had a major amount of breakage.

After realizing all those factors, cutting my hair was the only choice. So I washed, dried, and flat-ironed my hair. Before I cut it, my hair was brushing the bottom of my neck. After I cut it it was a chin length bob. I started to love it because it was nice and even. when i wore it curly, my fro was nice and round! Oh yeah, my curls were popping!

The only drawback was when it shrank, it really shrank! I had a certified TWA and I was surprised by that fact. I'm not one to sit on my pedestal and act like being natural is all easy and that I'm not tied to the length of my hair - it was just a big difference. But, healthy hair, with no split ends, is always WAY better than long damaged hair. Let go and let GROW!

HAIR LUST: Summertime Fro

As soon as I saw this picture I immediately thought of summer. The golden lipstick, the auburn 'fro, and the on-trend sorbet colored sunglasses, are all the best elements of summer. Loving this look, how about you!

May 24, 2012


Ok, is this little guy the cutest thing you've ever seen! This is Nakota from Nashville. This little guy's curly curls are so adorable. His mother, Patra emailed me and wanted to share her little guy's natural journey. Like I always say, I'm so happy that kids are growing up in a time where they can be liberated in their hair decisions. Little Nakota, can be free to be curly as long as he likes. So let's get into Nakota's routine:

From Patra, Nakota's mom:
  • We co-wash weekly and wash monthly with shampoo with Carol's Daughter kids shampoo and conditioner.
  • At night, I dampen his hair with water then use Miss Jessie's Buttercream to twist his hair. I use a large tooth comb and a Denman 9 brush. (I use a flat twist technique and I modifided the brush by taking out every other row)
  • Then we put on a stocking cap - Nakota is ready for bed. 
  • In the morning, I put a little Buttercream on my hands and take the twists out. I finger fluff his hair.
  • Sometimes spritz a little water on his front hairline because it gets a dry from rubbing on the pillow overnight. I always make sure his hair stays moisturized.

  • Side Note: I know that Miss Jessie's product line is not all natural so it's not for everyone. I have tried many products over the last two years as well as tried making things on my own. Nothing works for his hair like the Buttercream. So that's what we use.
So, there you have it. I think I need to try Nakota's routine! It's so simple and his results are great! That's a good mom to dedicate time to her little guy's hair. Thanks Patra for sharing your son with the Natural in Nashville readers!

If you'd like to share your child's natural hair routine, send an email to with 3-5 pictures of your child's hair and a detailed routine. 

May 23, 2012

National Natural Hair Meet-up 2012 - Pics and Review

Some of the ladies from the Antioch Natural Hair Meet-up Day
The first ever National Natural Hair Meet-up Day was a great success. All over the internet I saw pictures of curly girls and kinky haired divas getting to know each other and celebrating all things natural. In the Nashville area we were lucky enough to have two events one in Antioch and one in Nashville.

Tyra Manning expalins the product swap table
In the morning I attended the Antioch Meet-up sponsored by Nashville's Naturals. The morning's meet-up was held at Sweeting's Cosmotology and Braiding Institute. The first meet-up was formal with lots of time for questions/answer sessions with various natural hair stylists and Ms. Sweeting herself.

A full house at the Antioch NNHMD
There were many ladies in attendance in all levels of natural life. The best part was meeting the readers and answering questions about natural hair care and lifestyle. Knowing that there were so many natural ladies in the Antioch area was nice. The community is large and continuously growing. Many of the ladies were surprised to learn about all the blogs and resources available in the city. This was a great sign that National Natural Hair Meet-up Day was working!

Me, Holly, and Toya at NNHMD Nashville.
Later that afternoon, Toya joined me and we attended the Nashville Meet-up sponsored by Curl Rehab. The event was held at Island Breeze Restaurant on Gallatin Road. Holly, editor-in-chief of Curl Rehab, was a great host. She kept the evenet light and fun by doing natural hair trivia and presenting guests with plenty of giveaways.

Newest addition to the natural hair product world, Curl Max
There were several vendors at the afternoon event. Several of my favorite Nashville vendors were in attendance including Me'Shell Nicole Jewelry, All Things Curly, Fanuppa Soaps, and Lovely Bands. The guests were excited to see these Nashville companies in attendance.

Overall, National Natural Hair Meet-Up Day was great. I had so much fun and it was amazing to meet all the lovely naturals in the city. I was able to network, buy jewelry, and start the planning stages of an 'official' Natural in Nashville Meet-up! Ooh! Keep and eye out for more info on that development!

VIEW more pictures on our Facebook page - CLICK HERE

May 22, 2012

CELEBSTYLE: D'angelo returns . . .

Between D'angelo and Maxwell, the late 90's and early 2000's were filled and with good soul music and handsome men with lovely natural hair.

In a new interview, published by GQ Magazine, D'angelo talks about how his style, sex appeal, and subsequent drug abuse were a major obstacle in his music career. The singer, who may release a new album in the fall, says he has a better handle on the 'fame' situation and has worked on more than 50 songs for his new release.

With a new album comes a new style. I'm liking the two-strand twists that D'angelo is rocking. How about you?

Click HERE to see more pics from the GQ spread!

May 21, 2012

Ashiya's Hair Diary: How I Learned to Love/Hate Interlocking

About five years ago, I gave interlocking a try.  My locs are smaller and instead of combining two locs to strengthen them as I had previously, I thought that the process of locking and weaving my hair would make it stronger as it continued to grow.  My hair responded well over time as locs that were small became fuller and healthier.  After a few months, I figured out why some people discourage the interlocking process.  I noticed the ends of some locs began to get weak and break where the tool latched on to pull the loc through.  I loved the results of the process, but was it worth loosing half an inch off the end of my locs?  Definitely not.  So I did what we all must do from time to time and adjusted the process for me. 

  1. I stopped having my hair interlocked as often.  One of the advantages over palm-rolling is the interlocking lasts longer in general.  Even though I didn't need to have my hair done as often, I still gave my ends a little more time to rest in between trips.
  2. I put in some work.  In between my trips to the salon, I would interlock my own hair sans the tool.  Thanks to OrlandoLoctician for sharing Nick's Naps Interlocking Tutorial #1.  I followed her technique as described and simply stopped when I needed the tool.  I realized it didn't need to be perfectly neat each time I washed my hair.  That's why I pay a professional stylist.  This allowed me to encourage the locing process through interlocking without the constant pulling on the ends of my hair.
  3. I spoke up.  I talked to my stylist and let her know what was going on.  She noticed it as well, but my willingness to share opened us up to a good compromise in preserving my ends while she worked. 

Once again, I realized how unique we all are.  While some locs are damaged by the interlocking process,  I found a way to make it work for me.  By working with my stylist and staying vigilant at home, my locs are growing in fuller and faster than expected.

If you've tried interlocking, what was your experience?  Love it or hate it?

May 20, 2012

CELEB STYLE: Brandy at the Billboard Music Awards

Brandy took a page from the "Kelly Rowland School of Wigs and Weaves" and stepped out curly for the 2012 Billboard Music Awards. This is the best wig I've seen brand wear in a long time! The natural look is really growing on the Hollywood starlets and I like it!!

Ladies, sporting a wig is always a great way to try a new look. This time, Brandy worked it!!!

May 18, 2012

SALE: Carol's Daughter Hair Milk on sale at GROUPON

You know I have to keep you up on the sales on natural hair products. Many of you know, buying products for your hair is a duanting task. You have to walk the line between quality and price. That's why I was happy to see Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Products on sale. Take a look at you get:
  • For $20, you get Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Lite curl booster (a $20 value) and Hair Milk curl-perfecting shampoo (a $16 value; a $36 total value).
  • Shipping is included. 

May 17, 2012

EVENT: National Natural Hair Meet-Up Day, Antioch

 I told you about the CURL REHAB Natural Hair Meet-up in Nashville (which is now SOLD OUT) but there is another event in Antioch

This event is FREE and it's sponsored by Nashville Naturals. National Natural Hair Meet Up Day is May 19, 2012 and Nashville Naturals is participating by hosting a Natural Hair Meet up in Antioch.  Come by yourself  and bring a friend. Whether you are natural or considering transitioning this is an event for you!

From 10a - 12p, come out for a meet-and-greet, product swap, and information sessions. There will be vendors and refreshments. Details below:

Nashville Naturals National Natural Hair Meet Up
May 19, 2012 - 10a-12p
Sweeting Cosmetology & Braiding Institute
2923 Murfreesboro Rd
Antioch, TN 37013
Click HERE to reserve your spot

May 15, 2012

HAIR LUST: Little Chocolate Cutie

You know I had to post a picture of this little cutie! Her name is Riley and she has been blowing up the internet with her cute kinks, cool style, and made for the runway face!

How cute is this little girl? Ughh, looking at this pictures makes me almost want to create a child! I'm just happy that little kids get to grow up in this new generation where natural kinks, curls, and coils are openly accepted. Go Riley!

Oh yeah, I gotta give props to the fabulous photographer Christin McQueen of Christin Shoots People (Houston). One look at her website and you'll be in love! Check her out!

Candice's Hair . . . and other stuff . . .

This hair diary is going to be about my hair... and other things. The last couple of months have been hectic, and my hair has felt the repercussions. I went from rocking a head of awesomeness, to a head of hay, and now I’m back on my way up.

 I noticed that when I’m staying the night with people who are not natural, I try to minimize what I do to my hair. Plus, I try to keep stray shed coils out of other people’s sinks and floors. Anyway, I ended up going to other places and I got no compliments. Womp. But my hair is back on track. My latest twist out was fabulous. And the bantu knots? I impressed myself. They lasted for about a week… until I got caught in the rain.

Here is what my hair looks like as of today, 5/14/2012. For the record, this is AFTER being caught in the rain.

And that’s after I cut it. Yep. The color-damaged hair has grown out to my ends. The single-strand knots are RIDICULOUS. So one day while I was bored at work after I finished work for the day but was still at my desk, I grabbed some scissors and started cutting. I wasn’t exactly Bernadine in ‘Waiting to Exhale’, but I was chopping off ½ inches in ¾ inches off my hair in its curled state. It needed to be done. I did pretty well preserving the damaged hair for so long. It was originally at my roots, and has grown out to be at my ends.

In other news, it’s pretty obvious that I LOVE talking to naturals on the streets (most of the time). I mean… I’m not an expert on hair, but I have learned enough information to pass on to those who are struggling with their own natural hair or who fear the time and effort. Which is why sometimes…  (refer to the first paragraph).

In other news, I did my own nails! Cute, huh? (If you don’t agree, please don’t respond.) Walgreens has neon colors.  My nails remind me of Barney. He was brought up in a conversation, and I was inspired.

Okay… I just mentioned Barney. I’m going to stop this post before it goes any further. Ciao bellas! 

May 13, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Dabur Amla Hair Oil

I've been sitting on this review for quite some time. I'd started using Amla Hair Oil in my deep condition treatments about a year ago. However, I slacked off becuase I started using other products to condition my hair. Recently, I was cleaning out my cabinets and came across my bottle of Amla Oil. Hmmm - why'd I stop using this stuff?

Amla was recommended to me by the guy who threaded my eyebrows. The Indian man said that Amla was the best thing to help my struggling eyebrows grow. In addition, a friend of mine swore by the stuff saying it helped her eyebrows and the edges of her hair grow quite nicely.  And lets face it?We are all looking for the 'magic' growth oil that will give our natural coils super growing power.

Amla is actually Indian Gooseberry. To my knowledge, Indian Gooseberry is dried then added to other essential oils to create the Amla Oil produced by the Dabur company. Indian Gooseberry (and it's byproducts) are used in all types of creations from food to shampoo. Women and men in the nation of India swear by the oil. Many websites say it helps with premature graying, increased shine and elasticity, and giving hair a darker/richer appearance. (source, source)

So, if it promises all this great stuff, why did I stop using it? Why isn't it more popular among the natural circuit?  Well, in addition to the goodness of the Gooseberry fruit, the other ingredients used to make Amla oil are not so popular? Paraffin, minarel oils, and lots of dyes! Check out the ingredient list:
Ingredients: Paraffinum Liquidum, Canola Oil, Palm Glycerides, Emblica Officinals (Amla) Extract in Canola Oil, Fragance, t-Butyl Hydroquinone (Anti oxidant), Colors: D&C: Yellow No.10, Green No.6, Red No.17
Oh yeah, the stuff doesn't smell too good either. So that's why I stopped using it. I just never really took to the stuff and the promises of supernatural hair growth weren't enough to make me a believer.

However, if you'd like to give Amla oil a try, check out

May 10, 2012

ON SALE: Jamaican Mango and Lime products $2 off!

As you can see, the shelf at the Walgreens on Murfreesboro road is almost empty. Jamaican Mango & Lime is the loc lovers favorite product. I know loc wearers who swear by this stuff! If thats you, then hustle to Walgreens where the products is $2 off during the month of May!

Don't say I didn't tell ya!!

May 9, 2012

LINK LOVE: What's HENNA? How can it help your hair?

Henna blocks sold by LUSH cosmetics online

If you've been natural for even a little while I'm sure you've come across the topic of using henna to add moisturize, add color or shine, and (even) loosen your curl pattern. I haven't been able to use henna yet, but I'm dying for a color change and I think henna may be the way to go.

Here's some quick info about the henna for natural hair.
  • Henna is a flowering plant that is often powdered and used to dye the hair, skin, and nails.
  • Henna comes is 100% pure and can be bought as such. 
  • Henna is much healthier for natural hair because PURE henna contains no chemicals.
  • Henna only comes in a reddish/brick color. Any other color represented has natural dyes added to the natural product.
  • Henna cannot lighten your hair but can add red undertones to hair. The lighter your hair, the brighter the color of your henna result.
As I've research the henna technique for natural hair I've found that it takes practice but the outcomes are quite pleasing. In addition, most experts say that you have to apply henna treatments for 3+ months in order to see the best results. So, once you start the process, you should be committed in order to get the best outcome.

Below is a link to Curly Nikki's articles about the Henna process. I think I'm gonna try henna-ing my hair this summer. Nashville has several Indian grocery stores that sell 100% chemical free henna. You know I let you see the results.

HAIR LUST: 4b Forever!

I tell you, the internet is a wonderful place when you need it to be a wonderful place! I found this picture on tumblr and was instantly inspired to keep moving forward toward my hair goals.

This young lady has long (maybe bra-strap length) 4b hair. This style, a loosly pile twistout with bangs in the front, is just lovely! So many times, we don't see 4b hair (sometimes referred to as 'kinky' or 'nappy') hair grow long and strong. But this isn't one of those times. This young lady's hair is amazing!

What do you think?

May 8, 2012

Natural Celebs: Solange and Janelle Monae shine at the Met Gala

Among all the lovely ladies who appeared at the 2012 Metropolitan Museum if Art's Gala last night, Solange and Janelle Monae represented for the natural girls.

Solange, on the left, rocking a Yellow Rachel Roy dress, and super fly curly wig. You know Solo is not ashamed to add extensions or cover her mane with a wig. I commend her; it's a great way to rest your hair.

Janelle Monae rocked this black satin jumpsuit and her signature pompadour. There's a certain chicness to finding your signature style. It's can be a sign that you are really comfortable with yourself.

Both these ladies look great! Which one was your fave?

May 4, 2012

LINK LOVE: How to best care for your weave

I was on Madame Noire today and I came across an article I had to share with you. The article is about taking care of inexpensive weave. Now this is a great topic because most naturals I know have tried (or want to try) weave. It's great for transitioning and giving your hair a rest. I always recommend a weave or braids for ladies who may be frustrated with their hair. However, everyone can't afford the celebrity quality human hair extensions. Celebrity quality hair can sometimes starting at more than $150 per pack! That doesn't include the installation.

This article on Madame Noire gives some great tips on how to maintain weave that may be considered 'cheap'. There are some great advice on maintaining synthetic hair as well. In the picture above, I'm wearing a synthetic curly wig - out the box it looked Kelly Rowland's new hairstyle! That hair is 100% synthetic. I think the pack cost me about $25! Buy, I used common sense and made it last a long time! I think I wore that weave for two months.

Check out the article (linked below). The tip I best agree with is to NEVER put products on synthetic weave - too much product makes the weave greasy and gives it an unrealistic quality.

Click here:

May 3, 2012

The World Natural Hair Show: Pics, tips, and fun!

Melissa, at the entrance of the hair show
Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the World Natural Hair Show presented by Taliah Waajid. First up, I don't think I was fully prepared for the epic overwhelming awesomeness of this hair show. I'll definitely need to attend again in the Fall to get the full span of everything offered at the show. Below, I list what I learned by attending my first Hair Expo. If you follow my tips, you'll definitely be ready for the next World Natural Hair Show in the fall.

CELEB STYLE: Willow Smith sports a pink mohawk

Although some think Willow Smith's style is a little too 'grown' for her 11 year-old age, I am just in love with her individuality!As a youth, I wished I had as much spunk, forward thinking, and leadership qualities that it takes to rock such out-the-box hair styles and fashions.

In regards to natural hair, I think Willow should be hailed as a pioneer for young girls who want to go natural. No matter what your age, making a decision to chop your long locks is a big step! Try adding the angst of being a budding teenager! Whew! I get hives just thinking about it!

So, go 'head Willow! Sport your strawberry TWA with pride!

May 2, 2012

Discussion: Hair Preferences in Men

So there's been a conversation on repeat since this new wave of women going natural. Women have been asking themselves questions about how men will receive them and their natural hair.

What if he doesn't like natural hair?
How will he respond the first time he sees me braided and twisted and wrapped for bed?

But...... well..... What about what the women prefer? There are men who are natural, too. And we know that once upon a time, men with a certain type of hair came with a of prei-nstalled assumed personality. Cornrows = thug. Locs = Rastafarian OR an "enlightened" man who could tell you about African empires and will refer to you as queen. A perm = not interested in you. (Some exclusions may apply. See also, Snoop). An afro = a husband  an all around guy who might have to fight the air a la Cuba, but was bound to love you.(Did I just get personal? Sorry.)

Anyway, now that we know that our hair doesn't determine our personalities or professional potential... do you have a preference of hair for your man or future man? Do you prefer an afro? Could you deal with dual detangling sessions? What if he could help you with your hair days? Running your hands through a man's hair can be quite an aphrodisiac.

So, ladies. Now is your time to sound off: what's your preferred man to wear his hair? Are you okay with the 8 in 10 low-cut (possibly with waves)? Are you holding on to the 90s and still prefer long braids? Or do locs please you, beautiful Queen?

Okay... clearly Waka Flocka is not going to call you queen anytime soon,
I know that. But this is about hair.

LOL, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

May 1, 2012

Celeb Style: Amber Rose tries another wig

Amber Rose tweeted this picture last week
Last December, I wrote about Amber Rose rocking a long dark lacefront wig and asked if you thought it was good change. The general consensus on the NIN Facebook page was an astounding "NO!". Well, last week, Amber Rose tweeted another picture of herself rocking a curly blond lace-front. And you know what, I think I like this much better.

Amber Rose is one of my favorite natural hair celebs because her haircut is so bold. You must admit, the blond fade is memorable. However, it seems Amber is getting tired of her signature style. If she's gonna choose a wig, I like the one that's closer to her bombshell blonde color. I like it, what about you?

Melissa's Hair: Apple Cider Vinegar rinse is a big hit!

The morning after my ACV rinse
Hello Ladies and Gents! I'm here to report that I tried some new things this month and I've found something new to add to my routine. You know my ultimate goal is to grow the biggest 'fro ever. So, I'm always looking for ways to aid my hair during the growth process.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has long been used as a natural hair care product to promote healthy hair in both men and woman. Its acidity is close to that of natural hair, it’s a good conditioner and cleaning agent and it’s also an effective germ killer. (source)

I try not to use too many products on my hair, but sometimes do I notice a slight bulid-up. Well, I was cruising the web and I read about Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) being used as a way to clarify your hair and add shine. I went on the NIN Facebook page and asked the readers if they used ACV in their hair. I was pleased to see many had used the technique and garnered great results. I was sold, I went to the store to buy a bottle.

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