Aug 12, 2013

Ashiya's Hair Diary: My Conditioning Cure

I found my conditioning cure.  It's one of those situations that makes me laugh at myself when I think about how I got to this point.  I had the solution, but I kept letting go of it.  Let me explain.

Birthday Locs!  Wash and coconut hot oil treatment with no maintenance.  Giving the locs a break.
If you've shared any of my loc story here, you know that I love hot oil treatments.  When I took off the cap, my hair felt so lovely that I would reluctantly wash out the oil treatment as noted in the directions of the treatment I was using.  When I moved to natural oils, I continued to rinse the oil away out of habit.

While researching hot oil treatments for locs online, I found Yannie The Locologist and laughed at myself when I read her section on locs care.  Answered the question I had asked myself so many times:
"I never wash hot oil treatments out of my hair or my client's hair.  I believe once you are give yourself a "natural" hot oil treatment, it should stay in your hair so it can continue to work in the days to come."  -Yannie, Locs By Yannie

I decided to test the theory with coconut oil and I LOVED the results!  I followed Yannie's instructions and allowed my hair to sit for a few hours before removing my plastic cap.  After I removed the cap, I simply let my hair air dry.  While I am not sure this will work for every hair type or style, I would definitely recommend it to those with locs.

Length check!  A picture of my locs during a hike on my birthday.

Now I'm ready to experiment with different oils.  I love coconut oil, but I do feel like I need to experiment with heavier oils as we approach the fall months.  That is a process I am happy to begin.
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