Jan 13, 2014


I've reached that point in my wellness journey where my hair and my fitness routine are at odds. Again. When that happens, there's nothing else to do but get creative.

Play after yoga class.  This is my current bun for yoga, but it won't work for all practices.

Depending on the activity, a high bun works perfectly.  During runs and most yoga practices a bun keeps my hair away from my face and dry.  But there are times in yoga when headstands and other inversions won't work with a high bun.  I've adjusted the height, but I still end up removing the bun before my practice is done, which I find annoying.

My last resort: Princess Leia

Before I channel Princess Leia, I think I am going to try braiding my hair.  I don't have a particular style in mind, but it needs to be easy because I don't braid so well right now.  That leads me to a classic: two french braids that can be tucked at the ends.  I'll keep you posted on my progress.

I will also be in the pool more this year, which is my biggest concern.  I think smaller braids under a cap will work best. I hope pinning the braids down will create a smoother surface for a cap to fit tighter.

During my initial research, I landed at Speedo to find their Fatskin3 Hair Management System. Apparently, Speedo has created a fabric cap to hold long hair in place under their competition swim caps.  At $30 for this piece alone, I'm guessing it would work well under wigs, too.  

This cap promises to hold long hair in place under swim caps.  Is it worth the investment?

If there are any swimmers with hair tips for a newbie, please share!
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