Feb 15, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Dr. Miracle's Follicle Healer Creme

I didn't use this product with the intention of doing a product review. However, I saw this in my house in my collection of hair products. So I decided use it on my left eyebrow. Sometime after I started getting my eyebrows threaded, my left brow became thinner than the other one. The left brow also stopped before the corners of my eye. Take a look at my eyebrow dilemma:
See how my brow arches are different?
 I love my eyebrow lady. She was good at masking the uneven growth.
Also, I was never fond of skinny eyebrows. They don't fit my round face.

I'm not sure why the hair my left brow stopped growing. It could have been due to threading, or maybe it was due to my failed attempts at plucking/shaving them between threading sessions. Either way, my hair stopped growing back. I had to wear my eyebrows thinner to keep them even, although I craved thicker, more natural brows. I applied the Dr. Miracle Follicle Healer Creme to the thin area of my left eyebrow every night for a few nights. The directions suggest twice a day. I did this a few days, but that was too much to remember. Then I forgot about it for a few nights, remembered, and resumed my nightly applications. This went on for a couple of weeks. I usually slept with the cream on my brow. The result: MY EYEBROW HAIRS GREW BACK!

My left brow is still slightly thinner, but I'm happy wearing thicker brows..

I was so excited. I noticed growth after about 10 days of inconsistent use. I'm so happy with my thicker brows and I wholeheartedly recommend this product. I mean, if it works for brows, why would it not for thinning edges? If you decide to try it, be sure to let us know how it works for you.

  • It works (for me, anyway)
  • Nice creamy consistency. Not greasy or runny.
  • Inexpensive. (Under $4.00)

  • That strong Dr. Miracle smell is definitely present
  • Not good for daytime use (mostly because of the smell.)

**The tingle feeling can be a bit much, but personally I like it, so I won't list it as a con. If you're not a fan of tingly products, you may want to skip this (and most, if not all Dr. Miracle products).
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