Jan 17, 2014

ROOTS & RHYTHM: Elle Varner - "Rover"

Elle Varner is known for both her big voice and her big hair and this week she gave some fans a big shock.

Elle Varner debuts blonde.
Elle is blonde.  At least for a short time as she experiments with a lighter look with a wig.  Her color choice seemed to spark mixed reviews.  Some people loved her debut, especially with the red lips. Others thought that her color choice was a departure from something more natural and an attempt to "fit in" the music industry.

Elle's darker hair color on the cover art for "Rover".

I think Elle had the most interesting - and appropriate - response.  She shared a picture of her grandmother, a blonde herself.  If natural hair is in fact natural, then blonde may be a natural choice for Elle Varner.

A bolder look for Elle Varner.

Regardless, it looks like she's having just as much fun now as she did on stage in Nashville. And THAT seems natural. You can definitely hear it in her latest single "Rover" featuring Wale.

Happy Friday!

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