Oct 18, 2013

ROOTS & RHYTHM: Snarky Puppy featuring Lalah Hathaway - "Something"

This week I saw a marketing campaign I could definitely get behind.  In the past, Gap has featured the children of famous musicians covering their parent's songs in commercials.  This week some genius suggested that Lalah Hathaway cover "This Christmas", originally recorded by her father Donnie Hathaway, for Gap's Christmas campaign. The only way Gap could get closer to perfection would be a recorded performance from Mr. Hathaway himself.

The Incomparable Lalah Hathaway

Why?  Because Lalah not only opened herself to her gift and talents, but she has honed them in a way that has made her voice into her instrument.  As a classically trained artist having worked with some of the most talented musicians of our time, Lalah continues to prove that quality will not settle.  She surely knows what she has and I love her for always presenting herself and her work in an authentic way.

And of course we would love to see her in an ad for Gap because her locs are fabulous!  I love her choice to play with color and styles because she is always full of classic, elegant energy.


I've heard of "The Chord", but I had my opportunity to experience it on Snarky Puppy's "Something (Family Dinner - Volume One)" featuring Lalah on vocals.  Her voice danced gracefully over the music and then it happened: Lalah Hathaway sang two notes at once.  Yes, she did.  I promise you'll get goose bumps when you hear it.

Lalah channeling her father's cool.

Make sure you let Gap know if you would love to see Lalah honor her father and his legacy.  In the meantime, enjoy some beautiful music and connect with Lalah on Twitter. She is hilarious!

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