Oct 22, 2013

NATURAL HAIR STRUGGLE #1: You got an elastic?

I thought it'd be cool to start posting some of the common 'Natural Hair Struggles' on the site as a source of discussion and humor. If you've been natural forany amount of time, you will be able to IDENTIFY! So, first up - the ELASTIC ponytail holder or headband, you got one? GIRL YES! 

It never fails that I have an elastic on my arm or in my purse at ANY given time! I'm sure the Goody company has made a small fortune off my purchases of headbands and ponytail holders since I've been natural. At once it will seem as though I have a plethora of elastics, then ALL OF A SUDDEN I have none! I swear little natural hair fairies come in my room and steal them.

And let's not even talk about what happens when one stretches out! LAWD! I'm constantly in-between the elastic being brain-crushingly tight or as loose as a wet noodle. Lol!

Clearly, the struggle is REAL! What some natural hair struggles you'd deal with? And hey girl, you got an elastic? 
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