Jan 29, 2013

STYLE: Twisted curls

I wanted to try something different with my hair. Twist outs are fun and easy, but I decided to switch it up.
I wanted to have curly hair, but I didn't want to do a regular set with flexi rods. So, I used the flexi rods but this time I twisted my hair in 2 strand twists first.Then, I set my hair while it was still in 2 strand twists. I used Dr. Miracles Curl Care soft hold cream to moisturize my hair. Finally, I added Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion on the twists before I put them on the flexi rods.

I liked the style so much that I did it again the next week to try to improve it. I followed all of the same steps except this time I sealed my twists with African Pride Hot Six Oil. (I've loved this stuff since I was a kid.) Also, when I wrapped the twists on the flexi rods, I wrapped them with more space so my curls could hang more to my liking. Because unlike the relaxer days, I can't wait for my natural curls to "fall" as time goes on. My hair wasn't blown dry or straightened. As time goes on, my curls only go up. Also, I inflicted self-punishment sat under a hooded dryer for about 35 minutes.

You can really see the difference in spacing on the larger orange rods.

My idea worked! I set my curls and they came out longer and that made me happy!
This is a twisted curl, right after removing the flexi-rod. I was excited!

I have tried flexi rods before, but never on twisted hair. I like this style better because the curls don't come out like perfectly spiraled barrel curls. And that makes me feel a little less like I am auditioning for a role in Little Orphan Annie. Also, the twists dry faster than my loose hair does.Click here to see a previous flexi rod on loose hair.
The left is separated curls on trial 1. The right is twisted curls on trial 2.
They are about the same length.
Do you prefer organized structured styles, or do you like hair that looks like organized chaos? Give me a bit of chaos! Let me know which you prefer in the comments below.

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