Jan 30, 2013

Link Love: How to Get Your Wash and Go Curls to Hang

Cassidy of Natural SelectionBlog.com

To all my Wash and Go girls: Is it just me or do some people not get that the Wash and Go struggle is real?  Those of us about that W&G life know that there are about fifteen steps between washing and going.  One of the hardest things sometimes is getting some hang time with your curls. Right now my hair is in an in between stage so the curls just aren't always hanging on their own. They need some extra assistance which usually consist of some Paul Mitchell gel, raking, heavy sighing, drying and a lot of patience.

This week I came across an article on Black Girl Long Hair where Cassidy from the blog Natural Selection shares with readers her Dickey (of Hair Rules) approved technique for elongating your curls.  After reading it, I definitely see how changing my washing routine up a little bit may help my curls to start swinging.  The technique is easy enough and definitely worth a shot.  Check it out here.
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