Feb 28, 2012

Candice's Hair: Flexi Rods Style

I tried to switch my style up this week to prepare for the protective style challenge. So I pulled out my flexi rods (or flex rods, bendy rollers. I've heard so many names for these flexible rollers). I started on a hybrid wash-and-go/twist-out. So I had two different sizes of flexi rods, but my thick hair cancels that difference. Here are a few tips when rolling your hair.
  • The thicker your hair is, the smaller your sections of hair should be. Thicker sections increase drying time.
  • Make sure your hair is completely detangled. Use water and a styling product for hold. I used Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk.
  • After detangling, smooth hair with a brush or with your fingers. This is exactly what it sounds like. Run your fingers down your hair (especially on the ends) to smooth it.
  • Pull hair to create tension, and start rolling at the very tip of your hair. Smooth the ends around the hair roller and roll to the roots. The section should never lose tension while rolling.

Yes. You do see a couple of regular pink rollers. I ran short on flexi rods. I left these in overnight. The results:

I tried and almost succeeded. My curls came out successful... on 75% of my hair (picture on the left). However, about 25% of my hair did not dry. (picture on the right)

So... I was left wondering how to fix the bottom left quadrant of my hair. And I came up with this.

I pulled it off. A little separation of the curls to add volume, I saved my hair fail. I ended up with this.  It doesn't take long, and I have a week of cute, stretched hair. I'm waiting for the curls to drop a little.

*This is my 2nd time failing at this style. Maybe next time I can get a full head of curls. 3rd time is a charm, right? Melissa tried this style a while ago. View her flexi-rod fail. :-)
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