Apr 2, 2015

PRODUCT REVIEW: As I Am Twist Defining Cream

One day while I was at the mall and I saw a fellow natural hair sister. She had a twist out and it was so defined and moisturized! It was lust at first site! So being the person I am I complimented her on the style and asked her what product she used. She told me she used As I Am Twist Defining Cream.

3 oz purchased from Hair World on Main ST beside East Nashville Magnet for $4.99
I swear by a certain styler when I do anything to my hair (twist outs, braid outs, flexi-rods, etc.) but this woman's hair looked so good y'all I had to try it!

As I Am Twist Defining Cream promises shiny, smooth twists and twists outs and has sunflower oil, castor oil, amla, sugar beet root and phytosterols in it.

My routine:

1. Wash my hair with Elasta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo
2. Condition my hair with Suave Professionals Almond + Shea Butter Conditioner
3. Deep condition my hair with Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor
4. Detangle my hair with Aunt Jackie's Knot on my Watch Instant Detangling Therapy

After those four steps is usually when I put my hair in sections and put my normal styler in. But this time I took medium sized sections and applied a dime sized amount of the As I Am twist defining cream to each section and proceeded to twist my hair. I let it dry overnight and took it out with coconut oil all over my fingers.

Here where were my results:

Guess I thought I was cute but...

...hair looking a little dry if you ask me.
When I took my twists down my hair looked defined and moisturized. This was nice but not what I wanted. If I'm using a styler specifically for twist outs I expect my hair to be "on fleek" so SUPER defined and SUPER moisturized. I just wanted it to look as nice as the lady in the mall!

But no my twist out looked like it normally does when I use my usual styler. Not only that but after a day or two my hair seemed to be drying out. The sheen that the As I Am Twist Defining Cream gave me initially didn't last. Maybe they have another product in their line you can use to retain moisture in your hair but this was not it.

I was expecting my hair to wow me like the girl's hair from the mall did to me, but that just wasn't the case. I am sure I am not the only person who experiences this. You see someone with a nice style on Youtube and go through the same routine they do but your hair still might not look exactly like theirs. Much like life, when it comes to natural hair there is no guarantee.

We all have different hair textures and we have to learn to love the hair God has blessed us with (no matter how difficult it may be).

I feel like this product just wasn't for me. Not necessarily a waste of money because my curls were defined but no more defined than with any other product. I probably wouldn't purchase it again and will stick to my normal styler which I will reveal in my next product review.
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