Apr 3, 2015

ROOTS & RHYTHM: Janelle Monae - "Yoga"

Last week when we checked out "Classic Man" from Jidenna, I knew Janelle Monae was bringing a new single, but I had no idea it would drop so fast!

There was a collective "Yessssssssss!" from yogis across the world earlier this week when "Yoga" started making its way across the internet.  As a Kemetic Yoga™ instructor and practitioner, I definitely appreciate Janelle Monae putting the spotlight on yoga.  While there is the thought that yoga has become commercial and could potentially loose its true essence, I often wonder who those people practice with.

Yoga Rachael via Facebook
Yoga is something that you must experience to truly understand.  It is much more than stretching for physical fitness and poses.  While many of the images we see are physically beautiful, those who engage yoga as a lifestyle also share the journey to those poses which is full of self-awareness and personal development.

Yoga Racheal via Facebook.
Yoga cultivates self-awareness and personal power.  And Monae taps that energy as well as the physical in her lyrics.  Yoga is a path to seeking and maintaining balance.  So while I am here for the personal development, the beauty of the headstand and other advanced poses are always an indication of where I am in my practice.  I need them both.

Yoga Racheal via Facebook
Social media is bursting with beautiful yogis flaunting their natural hair and one of my favorites is Yoga Racheal.  I first found Racheal through my friend Koya on Facebook and am always inspired by the beauty of her yoga practice. As I take new steps on my own hair journey, I realize now how much her hair adds to that beauty. I also appreciate Racheal for the balance between her personal development and the physical beauty of poses and postures.

Do you practice yoga? Are you interested in connecting with other Nashville Naturals for a yoga date? Let us know!

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