Jul 25, 2014

Roots & Rhythm: Erykah Badu - "Apple Tree"

A few weeks ago I did a quick survey on Facebook to see what artists keep you moving through life and one of my favorites came up: Erykah Badu.

We've shared Erykah here before of course, but with such varying looks over the years, we can talk about her hair and music and what she has inspired for a while.  This led to me to think of the most dramatic change I've made when it came to my hair.  I would think that it was when I cut my hair to start my locs, but somehow I think my recent cut was more shocking to others - and to me.  What about you?  What was your moment?

We've seen Miss Badu explore with length, color and texture over the years.  Have you had a similar hair story or was your journey about steady progress with a sudden, drastic move. Take a trip down memory lane on this Flashback Friday!

"Apple Tree" from her Live album is one of my favorite songs from Erykah Badu.  This version is classic.  If you've ever seen her in concert, you know that she may do anything from play the drums to dancing or telling stories and rhyming.  If you are a fan and have not seen her live, please do!  Enjoy this mini concert performance used as promotion for the Java Jazz Festival in 2012.

Kenya McClain, this one is for you!  Thank you for being a part of the Natural in Nashville community!

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