Jul 24, 2014

TIPS & Techniques: When's the right time to throw away your products?

This post is for all my product jukies who have too much stuff under their bathroom cabinet - it's time to throw away some of those products!  Looking for that holy grail, you start to amass more products than you hair can use. Sometimes you think about saving something for that friend or selling it to a colleague. But when is the right time to just THROW THEM AWAY! The list below will help you sort through that box of products just collecting dust.

But first, WHY should you throw away products? Jessica Wu, and MD of Dermatology practicing in Los Angeles said it best:
"Most beauty products are designed to stay fresh and stable only for a limited period of time. After that, they start to break down, so your cream might not work as well, your makeup may streak or change color, or — worst case scenario — you could develop a terrible infection.”
So, you need to throw products away because, over time, they may not work as well as they did when you first purchased them.

  • It's past the expiration date - most products have an expiration date stamped on the bottom. Just like food, if the expiration date has passed, then it's time to toss that product.
  • Smells Funny - That smell like 'peaches and creme' product that didn't quite make your curls curl quite right doesn't smell good anymore - it's time to throw it away. Change in smell indicates a breakdown in the formula. It's not gonna work as well anymore.
  • Color Change - Color change is the best way to tell that's it's time to let a product go. Color change is another indication of a chemical breakdown. Which means the product won't work as well as it did when first purchased.
  • Growing Mold - Yeah, for all of you who make you own products or purchase homemade products, if those products aren't stored in a cool spot, they will mold. Don't try to scrape it off, just throw it away.
  • Just a dab left in the corner - Yeah, I know that Uncle Pete's Fancy Curl Creme costs $50 a jar, but c'mon homie it's time to let it go. Constant opening and closing breaks down the chemical formula. 
What's the best way to preserve you product - make sure to store it in a COOL dry location. Also, keep the lid closed.

I hope this helps. As you progress in you natural journey, you'll buy less products and have less waste. Until that time comes, make sure to swap out products with friends - that will save you from a throw away pile.
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