Apr 22, 2013

Melissa's Hair: Braid it up, braid it up!

If you've been ready the blog long enough, you know I don't keep my hair loose for too long. My curl pattern is prone to single strand knots, breakage, and massive tangles. Being natural for as long as I've been, I'm still learning (and struggling) to find the right routine for my hair. No matter what shampoo, styling product, or deep conditioning treatment, my hair operates best in protective styles OR straightened/stretched with heat.

Since I've re-started my fitness regime (follow my journey on getfitwithfab.blogspot.com) keeping my hair straight was not the best option. I'd have to apply heat way too much - prohibiting the health and growth of my hair. So I opted for my old standby, long box braids. This time I installed them. The braids are WAY smaller than I usually do. It took me a week to install because I was just so tired!

I've decided to rock these braids until June as I decided between a funky hair-cut or a weave installation. I'm going on year three as a natural, and I'm ready for a change; color, cut, something! As you can see, I'm always looking to change the game. Until I figure out what I'm going to do - I'm going to rock these braids.

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