Feb 23, 2015

NEWS: E! Host jokes that Zendaya's locs smell like weed! Offensive?

 Zendaya Coleman, actress/singer, walked the Oscar Red Carpet rocking the trendy and stylish hair style, Faux Locs. As with most red carpet arrivals, the folks over at the E! network love to discuss the celebrity style. On today's Fashion Police, host Guiliana Rancic joked that Zendaya's locs may smell like "patchouli and … weed". Then the hosts laughed. However, it's not funny.  

Twitter caught wind of the situation and started addressing the television host citing her commentary was rude and offensive. I'd have to agree! Wearers of natural hair work hard to present the world with positive examples of black hair and culture. While some people with locs may partake in marijuana - does that mean they all do? Why jump to such a vast conclusion about a simple hairstyle?
Zendaya's response, originally posted on twitter

Zenday published a wonderful and inciteful  response to Guliana's thoughtless joke. I like the fact that she bought up how young she is, her family history with the hair style, and how it's detrimental to the outlook of black people who choose to wear their hair in its natural state. Some may think of this as a small offense but it's thoughts like these are what make it hard for people to transition to their natural hair. 

Zendaya with her father - who wears real locs

What are your thoughts on this exchange? Leave your comments below. 
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