Jan 8, 2015

Where can I find Coconut Oil?

Kroger is making it easy for #TeamNatural
It's the new year and I know many of you have decided to become apart of #TeamNatural. The biggest question you'll have is, "Where can I find ________ product?" Over the next couple weeks I'm going write some simple posts on finding products, trying new styles, and simple tips for our newly natural friends.

Today's post is about cocount oil. YES, coconut oil! Next to shea butter and extra virgin olive oil, Coconut Oil is the third leg of the oil trifecta for natural hair wearers. Watch any YouTube video, click on any Instagram post, or scroll through some Natural in Nashville posts, and you see the praise for Coconut oil. Why? It seals in moisture, it protects against the weather, it permeates the hair-shaft with amazing nutrients, you can cook with it, AND it can be used on your entire body! Like, homie, it's a dream!

So, walking through Kroger, I snapped a picture of three -  YES THREE - types of coconut oil available! Listen, I know folks like to get fancy and act like Trader Joe's is the only spot to find coconut oil.  I used to order mine from ebay! But it's so much easier to go to Kroger - that's where I do most of my shopping. Kroger has has three brands, and two types: pure AND organic. Plus, it's a reasonable price. Go, Kroger!

Listen, I'm just trying to make this 'going natural' thing a lot easier. So hit up Kroger for your coconut oil.

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