Jan 12, 2015


I have a wig game.

These are words I never thought I would say, but I got a crash course in the art of wearing a wig while visiting family for the holidays.

Short and Sweet.  My stepfather's face sums up this trip perfectly
It was a magically hilarious opportunity to play with color, texture and shapes I never considered.  I got to see myself in 10 different ways in 30 minutes and I loved every minute of it.

Color and Curls.
In preparation for The Big Chop III happening later this month, I decided to create a contingency plan for those days where my hair and I just might not vibe.  While it is a great thought, I considered the yoga classes and workshops that might make wig wearing... interesting.  I'm not quite sure if I can whip it on and off like my socks and shoes before class.  I was still gifted two wigs just in case.

The Lacefront Experience
The wig experience also helped me to see different colors on myself.  I think I've found my next color if I feel the need for that change. (Below) Much of the color from my initial chop and Amber's work last year will be gone after the cut, so I'm excited that this will bring me back to my natural hair color as well.

That moment when you must agree that you look exactly like your mother.
And seeing myself differently has definitely helped ease me back into the thought of having shorter hair.  In high school I went between braids and "The Halle Berry" cut, but 12 years of love and dedication to my locs definitely created a love for longer hair.  The longer locs just work for my lifestyle.

At this point, braiding is out and wigs are questionable.  I'm still looking for the right "just in case".  It just makes the chop so much easier.  But until then, I'm still amazed that I have a wig game.

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