Jul 19, 2013

Roots & Rhythm: 1,2 Step by Ciara

I'm not sure how she's doing in your market, but Ciara is getting share of the air time in Nashville.  Having a summer hit - or two - is a major deal for artists and Ciara is working her spot well.  With "Body Party" and "I'm Out" featuring Nicki Minaj both getting equal airplay, Ciara is having a pretty good summer promoting her latest project self-titled "Ciara".  

"Ciara" By Ciara - 2013
Melissa caught her on Jimmy Fallon and she left everyone wowed after her performance on The BET Awards.  Her dancing ability on BET drew many comparisons to Janet Jackson while debates over the quality of her voice continued.  Ciara's voice has been described as being able to convey three necessary emotions: "sweet, sassy and sexy", which it seems to work better for her with each album.

Ciara in Braids during promotion for Fantasy Ride in 2009.
Her dancing has always been solid and I'm sure choreography is a talent she will have the opportunity to explore more as her career progresses.  As I looked back at Ciara's dance moves to determine if she's worthy of the Janet comparisons, I noticed she keeps her "signature" hairstyle relevant by playing with color.

Ciara caught with darker, casual curls.
 For this summer, Ciara went with a short cut that is adorable and looks incredibly easy to manage.  How do you like Ciara's new cut compared to her "signature" style?

Ciara's latest  hairstyle.
Here's a flashback to Ciara rocking it in 2004 with 1,2 Step.  If we didn't recognize her ability to move in Goodies, we definitely figured it out at 2:55 of this video.

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