Jul 17, 2013

A natural in Nashville: LaTonya shares her washday routine

Straight and sleek for work

Today's, Natural in Nashville, is a friend of mine. LaTonya and I have been friends for almost 10 years; we attended the same church for much of that time. Even before I knew her personally, I always admired her long gorgeous hair. To my knowledge, LaTonya's been natural for quite some time, 15+ years.  She's rocked her hair super long/waist length and in layered cuts. Recently, LaTonya embarked on her own little journey called #HealthyHairDontCare
Wash and Go
According to LaTonya, she'd been ignoring her hair, using too much heat, washing with haste, and coloring without conditioning. These acts resulted in her hair becoming limp, losing its natural curl pattern, and looking sad. She wanted her healthy shiny hair back. It's very common to get lazy, ESPECIALLY when your hair is very long. Relying on bunning or 'wash and go' styles sometimes add more stress to your hair than necessary. 

Latonya started her journey with a good haircut and deep condition. The stylist removed THREE INCHES of sad hair. After, her curls hung better and her hair started to regain its shine. Below is a collage of Latonya's NEW wash day routine:
Latonya's wash day routine
Latonya told me:
"I pre-poo with extra Virgin olive oil, coconut oil, and plain greek yogurt.  Then I wash my hair with Organix Coconut Milk shampoo. Then I sit under the steamer with deep conditioner from Miss Jessie's Rapid Recovery deep conditioning treatment. Then follow-up with Suave Almond & Shea butter rinse out conditioner. The end result-beautiful shiny defined curls.  
The products I use, I now try to stay away from too many extra chemicals and sulfates. Oh, and that hair steamer I use for my deep conditioning treatment, I got it for LESS than $100 on eBay! I researched EVERYTHING. I've watched YouTube videos, looked on Pintrest, and consulted sites like Natural in Nashville for tips."
Side pony-tail with curls
Well, I'm loving these results! I know Latonya's hair will be better than ever. Use Latonya's story  to inspire you to seek healthy hair results. If you've been neglecting those strands, make a visit to your fave stylist, or fave website and start your own #HealthyHairDontCare journey. 

Twist-out with ultimate definition
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