Jan 5, 2012

Discussion: Steve Harvey doesn't like natural hair?

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Seems to me that Steve Harvey is throwing shade at women who choose to wear their hair naturally. Read more . . .

Yesterday, I happened to catch the Steve Harvey Morning Show while driving to work. The segment I caught was Steve's weekly, "Locate Your Love" dating contest. If you aren't familiar, the segment is like The Dating Game:
One person is looking for love and he/she has to choose to go on a date with one of two prospects. The looker gets to speak to and ask questions to both potentials on the air, while Steve and his team comment on the answers. 
Of course, this is morning radio comedy show so Steve, Shirley, Nephew Tommy, and Carla have quick quips about the randomness of the answers or the questions. The set-up makes the dating process fun and bearable to the listeners while the contestants are "Locating their Love."

This week the person looking for love was a guy named Ryan, an upstanding sounding guy who mentioned he was Christian and didn't mind paying for his woman to "Look Good". He was interviewing two potentials - Carmen and Letiesha (seen here). During the interview, Ryan asked the ladies how they wear their hair.

Click here to listen, go to Daters Interview #3 and scroll to the 5:55 mark:
  • Carmen was the first to respond, saying that she was natural and her hair had lots of little curls. 
  • Before Ryan could comment, Steve threw his 12 cents by saying: "Uh-oh, Uh-oh . . . cool my a$$ . . . what do you mean my 'You wear your hair natural' . . . well I gotta check . . . I like a woman to comb her hair . . . I don't need to feel like I need to pick your hair . . .I don't want to go through that."
  • Letiesha responded that her hair was "long . . . I DO have a relaxer . . . I am not natural at all."
  • After that portion was over, Ryan chose to go on a date with Leteisha and both agreed to come back to the show and talk about the experience. 
Here's my issue: Was it so crucial for Steve to go all the way in about how he doesn't like a woman with natural hair? I know he is making jokes for the sake of being funny, but in this day, when going natural is so popular and women need support during this transition, why is someone as revered by women going so hard on ladies with natural hair? Shouldn't male and female celebrities support women (in general)? And, what makes it ok, for people to associate natural hair with unkempt hair?

In my opinion, Steve Harvey should apologize for his harsh comments (made in jest - I know) to the natural hair community. We already fight hard to wear our hair in it's natural state without having to explain to everyone the whys, the whens, and the hows of this 'process' called "Going Natural".

What's your thoughts?
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