Oct 14, 2011

Roots n' Rhythm: Janet Jackson featuring MC Lyte "You Want This"

Rockin' new braids for the summer was nothing new in the 90's. I remember come summertime if you wanted to get in the pool or go to the amusement parks, most likely you were contemplating some sort of protective style be it braids, cornrows, or (and I am dating myself here) a curly perm. What yall know about a Care Free Curl, a Wave Nouveau, and an Elante' Curl?

Some people, like Jamie Foxx, once wore one all year long but I digress.

Even though braids were nothing new when Janet hit the scene in her Poetic Justice box braids, like most trends, Janet took them to the next level. Soon everyone wanted to rock them. I even remember walking up and down the streets of Philadelphia trying to find the right salon to get my braids done so I could rock this updo:

Check out one of the videos where Ms. Jackson was her most fiercest, "You Want This" and see if you can spot some other great natural hairstyles as well.

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