Nov 18, 2011

Roots 'n Rhythm: "Girl from the Gutter" - Kina

Singer Kina burst onto the scene fabulous and fierce in this video from her debut single "Girl from the Gutter". You may remember this song from her self-titled 2000 debut, Kina. This song was released after her stint with the group Brownstone (Kina is on the far right).
I'm not going to lie to you; with me being back and forth about cutting my hair, this video almost sent me over the edge. Not only did I want to cut off my hair, I wanted to put on some leather pants and walk around Broadway talkin' bad to people.

I remember my first Big Chop (and it was indeed a big one). Part of the fun of self discovery that followed was experimenting with funky makeup colors like Kina is wearing and accessorizing with big jewelry. It really opened up my creativity. You have to make it work!

I run into women all of the time that are in the middle of losing patience with their TWA's (teeny weeny afros). If you fall into that category, I hope seeing today's Roots n' Rhythm star Kina rock hers gives you the confidence you need to rock yours.
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