Nov 18, 2011


Hi everyone! My name is Mesha! Let me say I'm ecstatic that there's a blossoming natural scene in Tennessee! I live in Tennessee and can remember when seeing a woman with natural hair wasn't common. I'm am going on two years natural!.I'm an entrepreneur/jewelry designer (Me'Shell Nicole Jewelry), an avid reader, a helper, child of the King, and an awesome auntie!

I've always had long, super thick hair but for some reason in 2008 my hair was just a mess! My hair was damaged ends were super dry and just ick! I would have lots of new growth but had to get inches cut off due to my damaged ends. A friend suggested I stretch my relaxers to see if that would help. The longest I stretched was 2 months and my beautician was not happy that I'd waited so long and neither was I. I had to sit even longer with that stinky relaxer burning my scalp. With two months worth of new growth my ends were still a mess despite all the attention I was paying them! For as much new growth as I had, that much was cut off.

I was frustrated and decided to start researching natural hair. I was leery at first. I was always told if you just stop getting a relaxer cold turkey then your hair would fall out. I was very curious about my natural texture especially since I got my first relaxer at the age of 6. One of my line sisters had recently transitioned to natural hair so I was able to ask her questions.

I did my own mini "big chop" October 2010 because it was Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I did this in honor of my grandma and other women who'd lost their hair due to chemotherapy. See my website's 'About' section for the back story. After I cut it, I still had no clue what to do with it, so I weaved it back up. January 2011 is when I started my journey.

I relied on CurlyNikki, YouTube, BGLH and Naturally Obsessed for inspiration, advice and teaching. I transitioned with curly wigs and weaves! I was determined to get back to the basics and focus on the health and well-being of my mane. For a whole year I kept my baby covered. Then in September I ditched the wigs/weaves and vowed to let my light (my hair) shine, shine, shine.

I'm still trying to develop a consistent regimen. Now that the curls are out full time I've been trying to wash weekly. I usually pre-oil with coconut oil either over night or 30-45 mins. before I wash. I wash it then condition, moisturize, seal and style. I love doing the twist outs! If they don't turn out to my liking I'll pin up one side or pull all my hair into a loose puff and keep it moving.

Since I'm still in the learning stages I'm guessing I have predominantly type 4 hair, but havelots of tight curls, defined curls, and some frizz. I'm currently at shoulder length but I'm aiming for BSL (bra strap length) hair within the next 2 years. I feel, If I achieved it with chemicals then I know I can achieve it without chemicals.  I trim my ends every 2-3 months and I keep them moisturized and sealed. Oh, drinking lots of water helps me overall too.

My mom has been really supportive. She's finding products for natural hair and asking me if I've tried it. My family and friends have been supportive as well. I was nervous about wearing my natural hair out to church but quickly dismissed that thought. Shoot, God gave it to me! I still get lots of stares, double takes and the occasional "So, you'll really never perm your hair again?" Ummm, No! I've come to the conclusion that I can't be worried about whose supportive and who's not.

Well, here's my hair story thus far...thanks for reading. If you are thinking about going natural or in the process of going natural go for it and don't give up. The journey to natural is what you make it. Have fun with what God gave you!
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