Sep 25, 2014

Melissa's Hair: And then you get a weave …

So like, I got a weave. Why? I was tired of looking at my ears! Lol! NAW, this 'grow your sides out' struggle is REAL AND TRUE! I got so used to having such a tight fade ( to perfection!) so seeing my little 'fro pop out was tripping me out. I had to change something. Wah-la weave!

I kept it simple and bought some hair from the hair store (Kim's Hair Plus on Bell Road, Antioch, TN). I know a lot of people get hair off the internet - but I have to SEE and TOUCH my hair before I purchase it. And, don't let Instagram fool you, you can still buy good hair - in the package - at your local hair store. And it's ACTUALLY cheaper! I purchased Sensationnel 'Bare & Natural' 100% Brazilian Virgin Remi in natural black. It was 3 for $170. Right! Right!!

I wanted something with a natural wave that could be curled, dyed, and laid to the side. When I arrived at my stylist's house she was ecstatic to see the hair I purchased - it's her favorite hair to use. Score!
As far as hiding the fact that I don't have any sides; this hair has tremendous body and thickness. You can't even tell I have shaved sides. My hair at the top is braided and protected with a small bit of leave out. Now, I have to tie my hair down right to make sure it doesn't revert - but I shall not be using too much heat. We know my hair hates heat and will get heat damage faster than a toddler tears up a bedroom. The struggle is real keeping the African and the Brazilian hair looking like they get along!

So , here's to growing back my hair! As always, I'll keep you posted on my journey! 
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