Nov 4, 2013

MELISSA'S HAIR: Re-Chop or Big Chop #2?

My recent straightening session
ARGH! I'm all in my emotions and I don't know what to do. Well, I do know what I want to do, I'm just . . . scared.  Let me explain.

So, all summer long, I was weaved up. I wore crochet braids for most of the hot months in order to let my hair grow. Last week, I removed my last installation and I was pleasantly surprised by the length of my straightened/stretched hair. The bangs reaches my top lip and the back is below neck length. And seriously, I've always wanted tho grow this SUPER FRO but now . . . I think I want to rock a short cut.
Me in 2008, with my short permed pixie cut
Back when I had a relaxer, I always rocked a short haircut. I felt most comfortable with short hair and I feel I looked my best. Now, as my hair continues to grow, I see myself fashioning my hair in a short-looking style and never rocking my true fro.

My fro in 2011 - I never really appreciated the short stage
I did a big chop back in 2008, and all I wanted was for my hair to GROW! I wanted it to grow and grow fast, so fast that I never really appreciated the short season. I never really worked with my curl pattern, I hated clipping my ends, and I never really saw my hair. I continued to install weaves and braids in my hair as I yearned for it to grow.  READ MY 'Big Chop Mistakes' here.

Now, it's pretty long, but it needs a lot of care. I think a nice haircut and a re-determination to have healthy hair will give me the zest for having natural hair that I used to love. Plus, my edges are struggling! I feel like cutting my hair will MAKE ME stop pulling it into a pony-puff, installing weave, and putting too much stress on my sensitive edges.

First/Third picture courtesy of
So, I ran to Pintrest to get some inspiration. And I sure enough I found it especially on my new fave Natural Hair/Lifestyle Blog Pretty Girl Rock.

I've been toying with the idea of shaving my sides, but I didn't want to go to drastic. So, the picture in the middle, is the look I'm going for. I'm really excited and I have a consultation with my fave barber, Tristan, on Tuesday. I think I'm ready to have natural hair that has STYLE and it's not just . . . hair. I'm a bit scared, but I can handle it. It's just the change I need to allow me to re-grow healthy hair and bring some different energy into my life.

Make sure to follow the blog on instagram (@NaturalinNash) to see if I make the BIG RE-CHOP!

Have you re-chopped you hair since going natural? Tell me you story in the comments section!
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