Jul 15, 2013

Candice's Hair Diary: The Lost Edges

If you've read my previous hair diaries, you know how amped I was about getting a weave for a worry-free vacation.


I am going to keep this as concise as possible with a few bullet points.

  • I got a sew in with 12"-14" Bohyme Brazillian (also known as Bobraz) Platinum hair.
  • It cost me an arm and a leg. If you see me hopping down these Nashville Streets, blame it on the Bobraz.
  • It was cute once I got it to blend with my hair. It really resembled curly natural hair.
  • It is NOT suited for water. NO Swimming. No Swimming in this hair. There should seriously be a warning label on the package. It cost too much not to have a warning label.

This is the BoBraz hair after I spent a FULL HOUR in the shower
gently detangling after swimming. 

(Sidebar: I detangled some of the larger knots to see if it was my kinkier hair that was snagging up the Bohyme hair. It wasn't. Those knots are all BoBraz. And for the record, I swam with my hair in a bun.) Besides the hair I wanted definitely not being the appropriate hair for my vacation, the install service I received was not a good experience. I will write a separate post about why it's important to find a stylist who can actually work well natural hair. As a result of having less than stellar work done on my hair, I lost some edges. Thank God for thick hair because if my hair was thin, I'd have a serious problem on my hands. Next time I go on vacation I'm going to mini-twist my own hair, or just wear my hair out. Because BoBraz was cute, but it's definitely not functional for a tropical vacation. Not at all.

This is BoBraz 2 weeks post install. A little bit of ocean
water killed this hair.

Also, I see another hair cut happening in the near future. It's only logical. This next cut should completely remove my color damage carry me back into the land of smooth ends. And once my old color is out, I really REALLY want to get more color in my hair. Don't judge me.
Are you following me on Instagram? I'll post more pictures
there soon.

I took my hair down almost as soon as I touched down in Nashville.
I was clearly THIS close to being nicknamed Patches. 
 So, what's my hair lesson this time?

  • Vacation is not the best time to experiment with new hair. Vacation is for vacationing!
  • Everything that glitters isn't gold. Bobraz was glitter, not gold.
  • What God has joined together (you and your edges), let no man put asunder. That means don't let anyone separate you and your edges. Not Bohyme hair makers, not a lead-fingered stylist.... no one. 

BoBraz in a blown out style.
 All in all, I kept the Bohyme Brazilian hair in for 2.5 weeks. And I have never been happier to remove a tangled, matted, hair hat. I'll count this hair fail as a stepping stone as I learn more on this natural hair journey of mine. By the way, as soon as I took my weave out, I went swimming with my own hair. It felt awesome.

What has your hair taught you recently? Let's discuss it in the comments section.
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