Oct 10, 2012

LINK LOVE: Tracey Ellis-Ross shares her natural journey


I don't know a natural-haired girl that doesn't (sometimes) wish for Tracee Ellis-Ross' awesome hair. The volume, the curls, the length are are LUST WORTHY! Well, I was happy to read that even as a hair icon, Tracee has had to learn some hard truths about her hair.

Below is the link to Tracee's interview with CurlyNikki.com. Here are some of what she said about her natural journey:

She hasn't been natural her whole life: "I have not always been natural. I had a relaxer in my hair during my teen years…well it was more of a texturizer than a relaxer.  But I started as a natural girl."

Her current hair care routine:  "My personal life is usually a bun, braids, or a blowout because it lasts for more days. I wash my hair with shampoo only once a week, but I will often wet my hair more times than that. If I’m getting a blowout, I always get a fresh wash.  I prefer hair that is not coated and weighed down, I get better curls the less product I have in my hair and I get a better blow out the less product I have in my hair."

Even Tracee has bad hair days: "I’ve had some really bad moments, I was going to a dinner party for a friend’s birthday, and I don’t know what it was, but like my back section looked really good, but the top became this weird puff of horridness and I figured out this way to kind of twist the front of my hair and create a poof. It looked good with the naked eye in the mirror. I caught a glimpse of a photograph however and I was like what the heck was I doing?!"

Go to CurlyNikki.com to read more . . .
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