Mar 22, 2012

DISCUSSION: What if the First Lady was Natural?

Photoshopped pic of Michelle Obama, sporting a curly fro
The photo above has caused quite a stir on Facebook. Someone photoshopped a picture of First Lady, Michelle Obama, wearing a curly fro. The photo, a fake, had natural hair mavens hoping and wishing that our first lady would rock natural curls.

This photo just brings up more concerns and question in the lives of women who want to wear their hair natural.

Is natural hair really accepted the higher on the ladder you go? If Michelle Obama, wore an afro hair style, do you think it would help Barack's re-election campaign? Could a woman with a full, yet styled, afro run for official office? Would Michelle, rocking an afro, help or hinder the natural hair movement? Would this hair style make Michelle less approachable to women of ALL races?

These are just questions that popped in my mind when I look at the picture. Michelle Obama has never been one to shy away from breaking the status quo. But would she go #TeamNatural? Hmm, let's discuss.

Here's the original photo - Michelle Obama rocking a sleek bobbed style

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