Oct 19, 2011

Natural Leader: SueZette is a sassy natural!

Tell Us About Yourself (Age, Career, Where you're from, what brought you to Nashville) - SueZette Yasmin Robotham, Code Name Zette, Reppin' those Southern girls by way of Tampa, Florida and Atlanta, GA. Ed Reformist by day, SUPERWOMAN by Trade. I moved to Nashville for work, I now live in the City That NEVER. SLEEPS!  

Why did you choose to stop relaxing your hair? - DAMAGE! OMG my hair was so damaged between the relaxers and my obsession with color, and perms never really got my hair completely straight. I simply could not take it anymore.

How did your family and friends react to your choice? - I think my friends were extremely supportive since several of them were already natural. My mother being the traditional Jamaican woman that she is was given pause, but guess who now also rocks a TWA...Ma Dukes

Red Hot!!
Did you do a big chop or did you transition? - My last perm was April 25, 2004. I started getting twists and braids after that, or I'd wear curly half wigs that matched my natural texture. On February 20, 2005-I woke up...took my twists out and said today will be the day I cut my perm off finally. I went to this spot in Atlanta called Sweet Potato Pie for my big chop and haven't looked back since.  

What is your current haircare routine? - I like to mix it up. I've had the big huge afro, I've done another big chop. I wear weave. I wear half wigs. I get my hair dyed some random color. Whatever mood hits me...I follow.

List some of your favorite products? I LOVE Jane Carter's Moisturizing Conditioner. Nothing like it. Cantu Shea Leave-in is a phenomenal leave in. Giovanni Deep Moisture is the protein boost I usually need. Beautiful Curls Leave-In...also in my go to arsenal.  

So, what is your ultimate goal: Length or Curl Definition? - Neither...Healthy hair.  

Headshots for her website
What do you LOVE about your curls? What do you wish you could change? - I love that my hair curls straight out the follicle so it looks like I have little candy curls all over my head. Curly Sue if you will...:) I don't think there's anything I'd change...I'm happy to be nappy!  

Do you have an hair idol, any celebs or bloggers you follow? Uhm right now I'm on a bit of a weave kick...and I'm in LOVE with Angela Simmons' hair (I know her stylist Nikk Nelson also from the A). In regard to a natural hair idol...Ursula from Set It Off...her short platinum caesar is still EPIC.

SueZette sports a fly weave
What would you like to tell someone who's struggling on their natural journey? - Patience. It's going to take time to discover what products work, to create a regimen, to find styles you like. But the journey is so fun and worth it.

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