Aug 13, 2015

Product Review: Konadu Bodycare

Earlier this summer I was invited to the launch party of an exciting body care brand sold right here in Nashville. The Konadu brand, created by Jennifer McGill, is a brand you need to keep your eye on. This all natural line has moisturizers, bath products, and lip care. I was on hand to try each product; they are sooo good. I'm already addicted to the lip balm and you will be too.

Owner/Creator, Jennifer McGill, introduces her line of bodycare
Jennifer McGil, grew up in Ghana, West Africa. While in Ghana she made all her own bath and bodycare using organic and native butters and oils from her homeland. When she moved to the states, she couldn't find products that matched the products she made at home. So she decided to make her own. Jennifer named her business and product line “Konadu” which is her native name, as she desires to share a piece of the rich, colorful and natural beauty of her African homeland by offering high quality products at affordable prices.  (source)

Sharing high quality products at affordable prices is EXACTLY what the Konadu team has done. From bath salts to lip balm to CANDLES, Konadu has covered many bases to give the customer an awesomely natural experience. AND, the company is centered in Nashville. How much better can it get? 

On top of that, the company has an amazing website. The Konadu company worked very hard to develop a comprehensive site that answers all your questions. It's easy to order and set up subscriptions of your favorite items. 

So, take a look at the Konadu brand. It's currently available online. All the products smell amazing and work well. I give it two thumbs up. 

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