Aug 17, 2015

Melissa's Hair: Removing my braids and growing back my edges

Bye-Bye Braids!

I know, I know, I haven't posted a hair diary in WEEKS, probably months. Well, when you have braids for almost eight months, there's not much to report on. But when you decided to take those braids out, there's lots of discussion to be had. So let's get started. What's going on with Melissa's hair?

Back in May, I took these photos for my fashion blog, Fab Glance. It was cute shoot to celebrate my blog's eight year anniversary and my birthday! I was so happy to get these photos back until I noticed it . . . where did my edges go! Ugh! It's the bane of any black girl's existence - - - not having edges! How was I supposed to show my face in these Nashville streets!

Following my own advice from a post I wrote back in August 2014, "Removing braids, shed hair, and bald spots - HELP!", I immediatley went to Google then YouTube. I had to figure out the situation before my edges started looking as smooth as a sidewalk on an icy winter day. After watching SEVERAL YouTube videos (including this one) and reading countless articles, I decided on a plan of attack. I decided to remove my braids, vowing not to return to #braidlife for a whole YEAR! I know, I know. In addition, I added the use of a derma-roller and emu oil to my haircare arsenal.

What is a derma-roller? Well, I headed the author of Paula's Choice Skincare said it best:
"A derma roller is a device that is outfitted with dozens of what is often labeled 'surgical-grade needles.' It actually looks like it would be painful, kind of like torture devices from the Dark Ages! Rolling this device over your face [or scalp] as directed (usually three times per week) with a light pressure literally creates small holes in skin. Why do this? Well, the needling is supposed to allow ingredients to penetrate better and improve the look and feel of skin over time."
Growing back edges is a topical and internal situation. Deciding to remove my braids was step one. We all know that styles that add too much tension to your scalp can cause breakage, bald spots, and sometimes irreversible alopecia.

I decided to add Emu oil as it is know to be the best oil to penetrate the deepest part of the scalp. A little goes a long way and many have reported exponential hair growth. Plus, massaging my scalp nightly with Jamaican Black Castor Oil helps too. Internally, I'm taking my Samson's Secret hair growth vitamins, drinking tons of water, and adding exercise back to my schedule. All together, just giving myself and my scalp a bit more TLC.

I purchased my derma roller and emu oil from Amazon <-- click the links to purchase.

2011, this is where I'm trying to get back to. Lawd, please!

Of course I'll keep you posted on my edge re-growth journey. I can say, I've been using my derma roller and emu oil for THREE WEEKS and have seen results. Like, my friends have complimented me on my edge fleekage! LOL! But, seems like it's working. Make sure to follow me on instagram for more selfies.

*Amazon links are affiliate links, however this post is not sponsored by any brand. Products mentioned in this post were purchased with my own money*
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