Aug 10, 2015

Jomilla's Hair Diary: No Heat Challenge

It's been little over a month I believe when I started the no heat challenge and in proud to say I'm still going strong.

I've still been rocking wigs. I've been experimenting with different curl patterns and lengths but I'm anxious to try some different colors. 
My Sensationnel Empress Lace Wig Style in style Jenna after I cut bangs 
My Express Weave Las Mogan half wig in 1B. Purchased at
I am hesitant to get any bold, bright colors like platinum blonde or red because of my job (I am a journalists), but I do want to experiment with some soft browns or regular blonde. 

I recently ordered a curly wig in the color 1b/30. I am excited to see what it will look like and maybe it will push me to try another color. 

When it comes to wigs there are three things I consider. 
1. Style- most of the time I get half wigs. But when I want to wear a wig with bangs I make sure to get a lace front wig and not a u part. Not really much I can do with a u part wig because I either only want a small amount of hair out or no hair out at all.  
2. Texture-because I leave out some of my hair in the front for most of my half wigs I have to find a texture that is similar to my natural hair texture. I can't get any wig that looks too fake, curly or tight. My hair texture is 4b. 
3. Price-this is the most important. I try not to spend over $30 over any wig I buy including taxes and shipping.

I'll probably continue to wear wigs until the end of the month and then get box braids before my beach vacation. I plan on making some more YouTube videos on the maintenance of my wigs so stay tuned! In the meantime below is a tutorial I watched on how to cut bangs in a wig:

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