Jul 9, 2015

YouTube Thursday: Bleaching gone WRONG via Jasmine Long

Today's YouTube video is one that EVERY natural hair wearer should watch. I know I needed to watch it. Why? Because I fancy myself a kitchen beautician . . . I be trying to do my own hair without the help of a stylist. HOWEVER . . . I know I cannot color my hair on my own. I learned this the HARD WAY, when I tried to bleach my hair and it came out in pieces.  GIRL! This was when I had a relaxer, but it was still bad.

So, that's why I chose this video from Jasmine Long, documenting her bleaching situation . . . GONE WRONG. I'm so happy she posted this video, because it's the real deal. Sometimes, we think we know everything about this natural hair life, but sometimes you need an expert. So check out her video, see where she went wrong, and watch the reaction.

Have you had a horrible DIY experience? Let us know in the comments section.

Oh yeah, she also updated her hair growth situation, click here.
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