Jul 10, 2015

Roots & Rhythm: Puff Daddy and The Family featuring Pharrell - "Finna Get Loose"

For the most part, it seems as if Pharrell can do no wrong. He refuses to age, he is still producing hot music and now he has moved to producing movies as well. Being comfortable on both sides of the microphone definitely works to his advantage and his creativity and authenticity should translate to the big screen well.

Pharrell Williams
Pharrell is one of those producers that will catch you off guard. You'll fall in love with a song only to find out later that he had his hand in it. With that said, he has still managed to develop his own unique sound, The Neptunes Sound, that is easily recognized in some of his work.

Puffy + Pharrell performing at the 2015 BET Awards via neptunes.org.
With Pharrell's track record it is no wonder Puffy called on him when he was ready to reintroduce Puff Daddy and The Family. Celebrating 20 years of Bad Boy Records, Puffy has vowed to make everyone dance again. Although his 2015 BET performance will always be known for "the fall", Puffy also produced a show that reminds you exactly why Bad Boy is still around.

From Mase to 112, Lil' Kim and Faith, this show was everything we loved about the 90s. It was evident in the crowd as you saw artists, athletes and actors all dancing and singing along to songs we all know and love. Sitting aside the fall, watch the performance again (or for the first time, like me) and remember why you love the 90s.

The end of the show featured "Finna Get Loose" featuring Pharrell. How did they do? Does this track make you want to dance? You can listen the the audio here. Please note there are explicit lyrics. You can also see the trailer for DOPE, where Pharrell Williams serves as executive producer here. For more dance videos check out #FinnaGetLoose on your favorite social media site.

Pharrell with the cast of DOPE featured in Billboard Magazine.

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