Jul 17, 2015

Roots & Rhythm: Jay Z featuring Pharrell - "Excuse Me Miss"

This week we continue our look at some of Pharrell's best work by taking a look at his producer/feature role. Pharrell is one of few who work well on both sides of the microphone. He can always deliver vocals that work well with the sound he's created.

Pharrell and Jay Z perform at Coachella.
There are times when an artist and producer work so well together, you expect nothing be good things from them. For me, Pharrell has that connection with Jay Z when he is in his producer role. Jay Z inspires many producers in this way, but his work with Pharrell are some of our favorites here at Natural in Nashville.

Naomi Campbell and Jay Z from "Change Clothes" via Style.MTV.com
I shared my love for Naomi Campbell and "Change Clothes" by Jay Z last year and it is still one of our favorites flashbacks. Another favorite from Jay Z and Pharrell would definitely have to be "So Ambitious". While I can't say I agree with all of the lyrics, I do understand completely the point Jay Z is making with each verse. I'm sure we can all relate if we move past any offensive lyrics.

Jay Z, Beyonce and Pharrell via xxlmag.com. From "Excuse Me Miss" to Mrs. Carter.
However, I think one of the most memorable collaborations between the two will always be "Excuse Me Miss". For many, it was the first time they say Jay Z in a different, more mature light. I'm actually a fan of the video solely because of the elevator scene. I think it is a beautiful representation of "love at first sight" from an artistic standpoint. And that dress!

Featuring the work of Pharrell is a bit of a different vibe, but that also speaks to the point. While I haven't found very many natural styles to point out, I appreciate Pharrell's authenticity. From Skateboard P to music and movie producer, being true to himself is the fuel for his success. It is definitely a lesson we can all be reminded of from time to time.

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