Jul 20, 2015

Ashiya's Hair Diary: Finding My Style

Over the last month, I've noticed an interesting difference in my energy towards my hair.

I've finally started to relax. I am comfortable enough with the maintenance at this length and it shows in how I view hair in general. At this point, I'm all in the product game again. There's not one product that I absolutely love; most of what I use is "doing the job", but I am still on the hunt for something that my hair cannot live without. I've been here before. We all have. It's that game of trial and error combined with self-awareness and vigilance. That point in the game where the slightest change can shut a product down completely without a second thought.

Practicing Kemetic Yoga™ at Soul Yoga Fest Chicago. I added some texture for the day.

Now that I am settled into the product hunt, I am looking at styling options more. I notice every length, but I instantly gravitate to anyone who's texture is even similar to mine. Again, familiar territory. It is the instant connection that set the foundation for the natural hair community in general. As we understand that no two hair types are exactly alike, even day to day, it is still helpful to learn from those who have a similar texture to our own. Even in the few months since cutting my locs, I've found there are some products I've learn to avoid at all cost through warnings of women with hair like mine. And it is why we continue to share here.

Beseré Ahou traveled from Paris for Soul Yoga Fest Chicago and I'm glad she did! We are Texture Twins for sure!
 This month also brought some noticeable growth. For the first hour after washing it before my curls return to their fullness. The one style that I feel like I've mastered is starting to shift with length, which is what made me notice the growth initially. The "Magic Twist" has been great for creating texture. I've worn my TWA with slight texture up to small twists that I washed out later that evening.

Using the Magic Twist helps my hair to look full even when shrinkage and a day of yoga sets in.
I've finally reached the point where I'm enjoying my hair again. Seeing beautiful afros inspires focus and no longer hair envy. I realized I'm actually enjoying the growing process more this time than I did with my locs. And I am proud to say that is all due to personal growth.
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