Jun 11, 2015

YOUTUBE Thursday: MochaCurlie89 shares twist-out tips

Ashley Michelle aka MochaCurlie89

Welcome back to YouTube Thursday! Every Thursday we share a YouTube tutorial to help you along your natural hair journey. Today I'm sharing a Nashville native, Ashley Michelle aka MochaCurlie 89. She just joined Youtube in early 2015, but she already has some amazing tutorials available for you! 

I thought I'd share seven minute video on doing a twistout on blow-dryed hair. Personally, I love to do my twistouts on blow-dryed hair, it gives me more definition and more fluffy results. In this video, Ashley takes you through the steps of achieving this awesome look. And, she uses some products that I hadn't heard of: Soultanicals Knot Sauce and Knot Butter. 

Take a look at Michelle's video below, tell me in the comments if you find something that helps!

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