Jun 26, 2015

Roots & Rhythm: Busta Rhymes ft Janet Jackson - 'What's it Gonna Be'

Just last week Janet Jackson surprised her fans with an announcement of a new tour and new music! This week, she gave a sneakpeek of the first track from her upcoming album, "No Sleep". All this Janet Jackson awesomeness had me thinking about one of my favorite songs featuring Janet, "What's it Gonna Be" by Busta Rhymes.

Listen, Janet and Busta made the future look so sexy with this avant garde video. Busta Rhymes' locs looked so cool! Janet was dominatrix realness. All together, they couple had people thinking that Busta and Janet were gonna be a thing.

But this is a hair blog, so lets talk about it. Janet has always been on front of line when it comes to hair. The box braids everyone loves became more famous when Janet wore them in the Poetic Justice movie. More than anything, Janet is always know for a great wet & wavy look. (see below)

It seems as though, Janet's natural hair falls on the curly/wavy 2b/3a texture. She's always good to find hair that mixes well with her natural texture. Making her the best candidate for always looking the most fly. No matter her age, no matter how long she stays away from the spotlight, Janet is an ICON who always mixes style, sex appeal, and genuine amazing-ness.

So, let's take a blast from the past. Watch Janet and Busta's video below. Hopefully, her next collaborations are just as fly!

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