Jun 1, 2015

Melissa's Hair: Boxbraid touch-up, is it worth it?

As you know, I'm an avid wearer of boxbraids as a protective style. Currently, I'm growing out my hair after doing the whole, shaved-sides trend. While o loved my haircut, I was ready to return to my fro. Wearing boxbraids has been the easiest way for me to allow my hair to rest and grow, while giving me multiple styling options. 

However, at the rate my hair is growing and the amount of styles I do, my braids tend to loosen up and look more … furry … faster than I'm used to. I decided, I'd get a touch-up on my braids to extend the length of time in this style. 

I noticed in the photos above and below that my hair was starting to look a bit worn down. I'm a blogger who runs two sites, one for fashion and one for hair. So being stylish and having an awesome hair look is very important. Personally, I like a very manicured set of braids. As the braids grow you notice they may get matted at the root or tangled. My braider offers a touch-up service where she re-braids the perimeter of your hair to refresh your look. Is it worth it?

Yes! It is! My initial set of boxbraids took more than 10 HOURS to install. I'm not in any hurry to remove them, however I do want to insure the health of my hair while wearing braids. Getting the perimeter re-braided allows me to extend the style, insure that my hair doesn't get tangles (especially on the edges), give me a refreshed look. In addition, my braider was able to look at my hairgrowth, check her technique, and give me tips to help with adding additional tension or stress on my hairline. 

If you are wearing a protective style for an extended period of time (braids, crochet, weave, etc) make sure to visit your stylist at least every 4 weeks. They may recommend a touch up to extend the life of your installation as well as maintaining the glorious hair growing underneath! 

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