Jun 23, 2015

Jomilla's Hair Diary: New Curly Wig

So in my last hair diary I told you all about my desperate desire for long hair.I decided to quench my thirst for length by investing in a curly half wig. And yes I did say invest because I plan on keeping it for a while...and if not the wig at least the hairstyle.
After two weeks of wear the wig still looks pretty good
I went for a curly half wig because I decided I wanted to try the no heat challenge yet again. I knew if I got a curly half wig I could just leave the front part of my hair out and flat twist it every night without ever having to put heat on it. And that's just what I've been doing. I may only be two and half weeks strong, but hey it's a start.

And honestly with the way this heat in the South is set up, straight hair (for me) is probably not even possible. So really I don't feel like I'm missing out anything. Not to mention I got plenty of compliments from people thinking the wig is my own, natural hair. I credit that to my natural hair being on fleek in the front and my blending skills.

I bought the wig from Kim's Hair Plus located on Jefferson Street. It was called Outre quick weave  IVY.

My hair after a little cutting
The wig was really long when I got it and I liked it long but I decided to cut it to bra strap length to make it look more believable. Now it is shoulder length and heavily layered because the ends were starting to look rough.

I washed the hair once with a shampoo made specifically for synthetic wigs and followed up with a leave in conditioner. I will be doing a review on the products I used later this week but really I imagine you can use any synthetic wig/weave shampoo and leave in conditioner. For shine I used a wig shine spray made specifically for synthetic hair and wigs and scrunched my hair until it looked how I wanted. I NEVER brushed my wig! If it needed to be detangled I put a small amount of conditioner (any kind is fine) on my wig while it was wet and used my fingers to detangle.

And that's about it. This week I have a family reunion in Chicago and we all know how judgmental family can be so I did order a different curly half wig for the occasion just so it will look fresh. In the video below you can see my initial review as well as see me rocking the Outre curly half wig.

Link for video: http://youtu.be/XPuouhyggdA

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