Jun 1, 2015

Jomilla’s Hair Diary: My Hair Wants vs. Needs

A rare good hair day captured in a photo
Before I get into this hair diary I just want to apologize for not writing lately but after you read this you’ll see why.

As many of you know I’m newly natural so the struggle is so real for me. I knew that styling and rocking my natural hair wasn’t going to be easy but oh my GOD! I was not ready! Natural hair requires a lot of maintenance. For example washday is insane! All the washing, conditioning, deep conditioning and detangling is so time consuming. Not to mention styling because with hair like mine, ain’t no wash n go’s bih. That whole process can last up to 8 hours to complete just for a hairstyle that MIGHT last me three days! I can’t! I’m a new mother, a newlywed and I have a job in newspaper…I just don’t have time to be doing my hair every three days like that…I just can’t!

So that’s why I said forget it and bought me a wig. It was an Italian yaki wig that resembled my natural hair if I blow dried it so I felt a little better about myself. 
Purchased this wig off of Aliexpress from Luffy Wig Store 

But the whole time I was wearing it I felt like I was cheating.
When my wig arrived in the mail I was so excited. When my husband saw me in it for the first time he said, “Weren’t you supposed to be natural?”
“I am natural!” I shouted back.

I was offended! How dare he ask me that? I was still natural! Right? That’s when the guilt sat in. Maybe my husband was right. Maybe me wearing this straight, down my back wig was defeating the point. But really what got me is the fact that I was a slave to flat irons yet again. I was putting heat on my hair everyday! And that was the complete opposite of what my hair needed.
I thought back to the reason why I went natural in the first place…it was because I needed to. My hair wasn’t in good shape due to too many relaxer touch ups and heat. The front of my hair had just grown back and there was no way I wanted to go through losing it again.

When your hair finally grows back so you gotta stunt on IG #throwback
I needed a change. I needed to stop spending money on overpriced extensions from God knows where. I needed to deep condition my hair. I needed to put oil in my hair. I needed to feel my scalp. Basically I needed to take care of my hair and I needed to be a good example for my daughter and show her natural hair is beautiful.
Whittle baby Jaden and I 
So with all those needs outweighing the obvious lone want…length. I decided to go back to my curly fro.

I still want length but if it compromises the health of my hair I’m good on that. I have been doing some research on how I can satisfy my want of length while keeping my hair healthy and I came up with these options: faux locs, Marley twists, crotchet braids, box braids and kinky curly wigs.
I will be getting one of those soon and telling you all about it in my next hair diary.

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