May 20, 2015

YouTube Love: Alyssa Forever shares 13 Styles on Straight Hair

If you didn't know, I am obsessed with YouTube. Most of the time I'm watching my favorite daily vloggers, however I do tip over to the Natural Hair and Beauty section for tips and tricks. I thought, I should share some of my fave videos on Natural in Nashville! It's always good to find a new hair blogger and a new way to do your hair. Plus, I'm pretty closet to starting my own YouTube channel in the Fall, so I hope you'd watch.

To start out YOUTUBE LOVE section off, I'm sharing a video from one of my favorite beauty bloggers, Alyssa Forever. Alyssa is a gorgeous girl who has gorgeous hair. On her channel she talks about make-up, beauty, fashion, and natural hair. You should subscribe! This video spotlights 13 Styles to try on straight hair. This is a great video if you are a straight hair natural who tends to get bored with your straight, part on one side, style. Take a looks and tell me what you think.

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