May 15, 2015

ROOTS & RHYTHM: Chaka Khan - "I'm Every Woman"

One thing I have come to realize that embracing natural hair really is a movement.  It is a return. In the Akan language the word "Sankofa" means "to go back and get it", which is what many of us have chosen to do.  While the concept and care for our natural hair texture is new to us, we have quickly built our knowledge base through our online communities.

Pam Grier (Actress)

And while there is that uncomfortable phase of learning to care for your specific texture, many of us realize that less is more with products and styling.  And that thought always makes me curious about personal hair care in the 70s. There was so much afro perfection.  We all know the popular ads from the 70s, but I wonder what was being mixed up in the kitchens and bathrooms of those who explored. My guess is they contained the same oils and butters many of us swear by today.

Marsha Hunt (Singer, Model, Actress)

Every now and then, I love to go back and look at the natural styles from that time period.  It reminds me that they are the real pioneers of this modern return to our own texture. The famous faces were a reminder to the world, but our mothers, aunts and cousins that stopped straightening over 30 or more years ago really are some of the the styles I love most.

Kathleen Cleaver (Professor of Law, Black Panther Party Member)
Nashville Fun Fact: Kathleen met her husband Eldridge Cleaver at a conference she organized at Fisk University.

What better day than 'Fro Friday to stop and admire?  Regardless of the current trends or the time in history, we have we have always been inspired by women who stand tall in their natural beauty.

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