May 26, 2015


Today, Lauryn Hill celebrates her 40th birthday! We couldn't let the day go by without wishing her the happiest birthday. The sometimes reclusive music maven has been an inspiration to many. From her musical accomplishments to her style, I don't know anyone who doesn't have love for Lauryn! 

The mom of six, YES, six children seems to be everyone's sister or that cool cousin that just does her own thing. And if we've learned anything from Lauryn, doing your own thing is the best path to finding your very own form of happiness.

She was the first of many artists to rock her natural - her way! She made locs cool! She made dark lipstick coo! She made big hoop earrings cool! She made hand stitched denim cool! Lauryn was just cool! It's really crazy that Lauryn has only two albums but is listed as Hip-Hop's top influencers. Goes to show that sometime just creating a space that provides quality is what makes the difference.

To Celebrate Lauryn's birthday, take a listen to one of my FAVORITE Lauryn Hill songs, 'Everything is Everything':

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